Sketching and making doodles on your screen is always fun. Isn’t it? But it is not everyone’s cup of tea to draw like a pro. Still, you don’t need to worry for Google has the perfect solution. Google AutoDraw is an artificial intelligence based app that converts not so proficient doodle into the perfect artistic masterpiece.

The Artificial Intelligence based Google AutoDraw

Google AutoDraw uses the neural network and machine learning to analyze your amorphous blob like drawing and recognize it on the basis of its database collection. AutoDraw provides a white canvas that lets you doodle. On the top of the canvas, there is a separate bar which possesses possible matches for your non-uniform drawing. You can then simply select the optimized match that you were tending to draw and the perfect professional figure will appear right on your screen.

For example, if you draw two lines crossing each other, Google will suggest you objects like an axe, a simple cross, a scissor and other similar patterns that match your doodle. You can choose the proficient object matching your requirement from the top suggestion bar. Once you click the optimized suggestion, it will convert your doodle into the artistic style object.

Google autodraw

If the doodle you have drawn is perfect and you don’t need any relative pro shape from the suggestion bar, you can then turn off the suggestion bar. You can also simply resize individual shapes and lines. It also has fill color options so that you can customize your drawing.

The app is free and it works on all the devices, being them smartphone, computer or tablet. The app is in a way similar to the Android Wear which recognizes the roughly drawn smiley face and would replace it with suitable emoji. Check out the below attached video that demonstrates the Google AutoDraw.

Google autodraw

AutoDraw uses the same technology as Google’s QuickDraw experiment. It’s a mini-game that first tells you which object you are supposed to draw, anything like an eye or a cake, and then gives the AI tech 20 seconds to recognize it. But AutoDraw is a better, innovative upgrade that lets you develop creative tools like posters or coloring book.

Currently, AutoDraw can feature suggestions on some hundreds of drawings. While the company is planning to make its database wider very soon. Google uses the pro suggestion designs from artists and studios and has given them the credit in their blog post.

Google’s AutoDraw provides an opening for the artists to submit their drawing to get an appearance in the suggestion bar. Also in the process of making it wider, users will be able to request objects as suggestions.