Google eventually wants everyone around the corner to use Google Fiber. Even if the use involves offering Google Fiber special plans for small business owners, Google isn’t worried.

Google Fiber Subscription Plans

On Tuesday, the search engine giant announced Google Fiber plans, which specifically targets small business owners. Google Fiber offers high-speed internet services in the United States’ five prominent cities. The company has a strategy and vision to expand in more than twenty cities very soon. San Francisco, for instance, is earmarked by the Alphabet owned subsidiary.

Not a long ago, Google bought Webpass, a fellow American high-speed internet provider. Webpass offers its service is five most prominent markets in the US. Basically, it offers its services both in commercial and industrial areas, but it mainly focuses on the commercial market. The idea behind offering plans suitable to Google Fiber for small business is relevant considering the company wishes to expand itself commercially. Small business owners cannot usually afford costly services from Google Fiber or Comcast as a matter of fact, which leads them to divert  their minds into those services that offer cheaper internet connectivity.

Google Fiber

Google Fiber special plans for small business owners arrive in three options:

  • 100 megabits / seconds – US$70 / month
  • 250 Mbps / seconds – US$100 / month
  • 1000 Mbps / seconds – US$250 / month

The eligibility of the services, according to Google’s spokeswoman, relies on whether or not the needs of the business can exceed what the company has to offer in terms of Google Fiber plans. For instance, if the business requires more servers to operate, they’ll have to choose for another preference.

Google Fiber Special Plans For Small Business

Google Fiber special plans will be available in Charlotte and North Carolina. The company has made announcements there regarding sign ups. Eventually, the plans will be available in cities that are already powered by Fiber as well. These cities are Utah, Kansas City, Provo, and Austin.

Offering Google Fiber for small business is just a small part of Google’s vision and desire to not only establish internet services, but deliver the entire internet connectivity itself. Google already have initiatives to work on its plan. Project Loon is one such initiative for providing Wi-Fi connectivity to remote regions via flying balloons. Also, the service has owned wireless carrier for experiments known as Project Fi.

Back in 2014, Google had announced it would target small scale businesses. For the purpose, the company released aptly phrased “Fiber for Small Business” in Kansas City’s selected areas for $100 every month. As the service has expanded, the business-focused strategies have also expanded for Google Fiber. As a result, under the Early Access Program, it has been made available to some businesses in Nashville, Austin, and Provo apart from the Kansas City. These businesses will eventually have a greater say in the choices of internet speeds they’d like to have. Also, they can also select the prices they’re willing to pay.

The move is somewhat similar to Google Fiber’s pricing structure for residential plans to an extent. It ranges from US$50 to US$130 per month. Apparently, it depends on whether a TV package is needed or the speed requirements.

Individuals often wonder why Google Fiber? How much faster is Google Fiber? How fast is Google Fiber compared to Comcast? The answer is, at just $70 per month, Fiber offers internet connectivity, which is roughly 100 times faster than broadband’s national average.