It’s been a couple of months since Google came up with a new API for Android app developers to securely access user health data. Google Health Connect reviews are quite positive as of now, stressing on the hassle-free functionality of the app. Till date, it has more than 50K downloads on the Play Store. Google Fit’s Health Connect Support, which set sail in the month of May, calls for a detailed review. Here’s the in-depth analysis by Technowize, covering all the important aspects of Health Connect by Google.

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Google Health Connect reviews are quite positive so far. [Image Credit: Google Play]

Company of Giants

In (Month-Year if it isn’t 2022), Google struck a deal with Samsung to facilitate the launch of the unique Health Connect app. They are not only market leaders but also pioneers in the field of tech-innovations, producing services and products like Google Fit or Samsung Fit2. Hence, this union holds utmost significance from the global tech-perspective and deserves special mention in this Google Health Connect review.

Samsung Executive VP TaeJong Jay Yang was extremely elated about this gem of a tech-partnership in the official company announcement, “With the new Health Connect API, users will have a comprehensive set of controls to manage their health and fitness data across apps.” He further added that there are more than 50 supported data types, including exercise, sleep, nutrition, heart rate, blood pressure, body measurements and much more.

The immense potential of this massive collaboration also found echoes in the words of Chris Wilk, senior product manager at Google, “We’re building this new unified platform in collaboration with Samsung to simplify connectivity between apps.”

It must be noted that Google has been working with MyFitnessPal, Leap Fitness and Withings on an early access program. Wilk shed light on what’s in store for Google’s Health Connect, “Health Connect fits in with Google’s wider efforts to help billions of people be healthier, using our platforms and technology to connect and bring more meaning to health information.” It makes sense why we have so many Google Health Connect feedback filled with praise.

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Health Connect by Google has more than 50K downloads till date. [Image Credit: Google Play]

How Does Google’s Health Connect Work?

Most of the Google Health Connect reviews shower the app with heaps of praise, primarily because of the stunning features of Health Connect. Let’s unveil the reasons behind the strikingly-positive feedbacks of Health Connect by Google. The first and foremost thing is undoubtedly the inch-perfect Google Health Connect features, which allow developers to seamlessly connect with a huge database related to user health. Google Fit’s Health Connect supports many common health and fitness data types and categories, including: activity, sleep, nutrition, body measurements and vitals like heart rate and blood pressure.

Using user information developers are enabled to read from and write data to Health Connect, through standardized schema and API behavior, in a secured manner. Google Health Connect features guarantee that users enjoy full control over their privacy settings, with granular controls to track which apps are requesting access to data at any given time. Moreover, the data in Google’s Health Connect is all on-device and fully encrypted in nature. In addition to this, users will be offered the choice to deny access or delete data they don’t want on their device and also the option to prioritize one data source over another while using multiple apps. This has garnered huge praise in almost all the Google Health Connect reviews.

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Google teamed up with Amazon to create this Health Connect app. [Image Credit: Google Play]

The Google Health Connect release date was May 11, 2022, and you don’t need to worry about the Google Health Connect price, as it comes without a price-tag. If you’re looking for Google Health Connect, it’s right there on Google Play, aided by a slew of positive Google Health Connect feedback.