A majority of people wish to make technology an integral part of their lives by upgrading their conventional homes into smart ones. In order to make this happen, a number of smart home appliances are available in the market. Adding to this, every few days a new one comes out in the market to lure the gizmo freaks. One such gadget is the Google Home Mini smart speaker. As it belongs to the Google clan, anticipation about it is higher than other brands. The official announcement of this smart speaker was made this Wednesday. Even though its shipment hasn’t begun yet, there are rumors that the company may have to recall it.

When the concept of a smart speaker was first introduced, people were a little wary about it. This is because the smart assistant feels like someone is constantly listening to you. But after Amazon Echo’s success, the smart speaker became an intriguing concept. Now a number of people want to try their hand on it. The Google Home Mini is one of them. This smart speaker comes in a quirky design that too at an affordable price. At $50, a majority of the population can think of owning it. But before its shipment, some bug issues popped up.

Google Home Mini

This smart speaker comes in a quirky design that too at an affordable price.

Google Home Mini accused of eavesdropping

As the bug issues have been recognized before the shipment began, it will save the tech giant the trouble of recalling the device from the consumer. Initially, when the concept of a smart assistant came up, there was a constant fear that such a device may accidentally record one’s private conversations. It seems that the fear has come true. Google Home Mini was apparently recording conversations without the knowledge of the user. This took place in a number of devices handed out to reporters at its press event.

As this internal flaw has been tracked down by the tech giant, it is working on it on an immediate basis. This is in order to make the device ready for shipment by 19th October this year. The bug was discovered when one of the reporters came across his voice recordings in the Google activity account page. On tallying the time of these recordings, it was further noted that the wake-up term was not used. Google was notified about the same and is working on it. After this incident, a sale of the Google Home Mini will be tricky.