The navigation softwares have made our life so easy that getting used to a new place is no more a big deal. Gone are the days when you had to think twice before taking an unfamiliar route. Back then, there were those on-road guides who used to direct you to your destination; and you better know how precise it was. All you need to do is pull out your smartphone, choose your destination and hail on the direction.There’s more…

The Perks of Google Maps

Google Maps doesn’t just help you to reach from Location A to Location B. Some of the lesser-known features are: getting the directions through voice guidance, the zoom-in feature for quick figure-out, save maps to navigate while offline, perform search for flights, the updates of upcoming events, add-on some local knowledge using the map-maker and many more general features.

We often forget the place where we have parked the vehicle in the huge mall parking, on the hustle of the city-streets, in the midst of the woods or sometimes at any newer place we visit. So now, the latest beta version of the Google maps will help you track the parking location of your vehicle.Although, there is no news available about the update on the iOS version.

Save Your Parking

Google Maps

The “Save Your Parking” feature in the app will let you save your parking location by simply tapping on the blue location dot and selecting the complication.Your parking location will appear on the screen by ‘P’ icon. It lets you add the parking notes i.e., parking lot floor or the street or the landmark. Additionally, you can set the timer that will keep reminding you up to how long you can park your car over the place. It allows you to insert photos that will remind you of the surroundings. The feature is available for use only if you sign in the Google Maps even for the beta-version users.

Google was already offering the service to add parking location automatically when you get off from your vehicle. But this ‘Google now’ service was not meeting the requirements when you are traveling through taxi or any other vehicle.

Apple Maps on iOS 10 offers a similar feature that helps you find your car, but the feature requires a Bluetooth connection. The ‘Save your parking’ feature has been added to the Google Maps’ beta-version for Android users and we expect it to be made public very soon.