Our journey to the future gets closer every day as our addiction to internet-based technology continuous to motivate models aimed at providing easier access to our Smartphones and other smart features. Google and Levis have taken it to a new height after partnering for the production of smart clothing which provides seamless control of smart devices.

It can be understood that you’re imagining how you can control your smart devices by swiping and tapping your jacket. That’s quite impressive! We are still dealing with the changes and flexibility brought by Smartwatches. Now the new trend requires no gadget, but our clothing – Levi’s and Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group are leading the textile industry to provide such services.

Google’s unexpected partnership with Levis was announced in 2015, and the uncanny affiliation is determined to change the next generation’s wearable technology through smart clothing. While this partnership is set to revolutionize the world’s clothing and internet flexibility, it also demonstrates a strong interception between logically unrelated industries.

Google has been working hard to develop smart fabrics which can be integrated with conductive touch interfaces and weaved into outfits for Google smart clothing. And this effort has served as the technology giant’s major contribution in the partnership which is referred to as Project Jacquard as the code name.

With this immerse technology contribution from Google; Levi’s will be able to integrate a touchpad into the arm of your soda effortlessly. That means you can control your TV without remotes from your sofa. Levis will also be about to add a touchpad to the sleeve of your jacket or the thighs of your jeans for a bigger input space which is far better than the input provided by any smartwatch.

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Google headquarters

While the market is warming up for affordable Levi’s smart clothing, Google looks to be struggling with the market changes after realizing that the puzzle for mass production must be cracked in any bid to popularize smart clothing. Their smart jacket unveiled in October 2017 was referred to as a wash by VERGE. And the jacket review suggests that the clothing sparks a powerful sensation, but the features are not fascinating for the product price ($350). One of the review statements says the “smart clothing promises computer-like features you probably don’t want or need.”

However, Google admitted that Levis smart-clothing is sold 160 times more than Smartphones every year, according to expertreviews. Also, the only conductive thread at present comes in a grey color, which doesn’t go very well with the fashion industry – another challenge the technology giant is facing.

According to expertreviews, the weaving required in the production of Google smart-clothing must be properly done to ensure that the conductive threads come out neatly where they can easily hook up to the electronic chip sensible to inputs. They must support multiple touches, single finger and gestures made on the fabric’s surface.

There’s no doubt about what Levi’s and Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group would deliver shortly. The released Google smart clothing has control for music playback, navigation pings in Google Maps and a few other minor tricks.