With the annual I/O developer conference right around the corner, the Google Pixel 8a leaks have been ramping up in number to keep us hooked on the upcoming launch. Google has not confirmed their lineup of releases but from all the talk around town and the company’s own track record, we’re certain we’ll see the phone announced on May 14, 2024. The Google Pixel 8a’s design was all but confirmed in a Google Fi ad that wasn’t about the phone but featured images of the device anyway. The company is known for “accidentally” leaking details about their launches so the reveal wasn’t too much of a surprise. What is surprising is the Pixel 8a price comparison with the 7a which suggests the new device might be more expensive than its predecessor. 

Google Pixel 8a specs leak (1)

Image: The Google Pixel 8 in Obsidian, Hazel, and Rose

Google Pixel 8a Leaks—Can We Expect it To Outshine the 7a?

The Google Pixel 8a’s rumored specifications have been a point of discussion almost as soon as the 8 was out on the market. From what we can tell, the company is sticking to the now-familiar Pixel 8’s design, but it should be a chunkier version of the device. The Pixel 8 series was announced in October last year and those who were unable to swallow the price of the device have had their eyes out for the 8a to make it to the market. Despite the advanced features of the Pixel 8, the 7a has remained one of the most celebrated Pixel devices since its launch, so we’re hoping we can keep the tradition alive considering the Google Pixel 8a specs leaks.

Google Pixel 8a Design Rumors

From all the renders and Google’s own slip-up, the Pixel 8a looks similar to the Pixel 8 but with curvier edges and a matte exterior. The device has the same camera bar but with the mic hole missing from it. The Google Pixel 8a leaks suggest that the device will be thicker and also have a wider bezel. The device is expected to have a 6-1-inch 2400×1080 pixel OLED screen that can support a 120Hz refresh rate and peak HDR brightness level of 1,400 nits. 

Android Police suggests it will be available in four colors—Obsidian, Porcelain, Bay, and Mint—more vibrantly toned this time around. Everything in terms of the device aesthetic will remain mostly unchanged. 

Google Pixel 8a design

Image: The Mint Pixel 8 and other models in the series have much lighter colors than those revealed by the Pixel 8a leaks.

Pixel 8a Specs Leak—What’s On The Inside?

The Google Pixel 8a rumored specifications suggest it will feature the Tensor G3 chip just like the Pixel 8 but its capabilities will not really surpass or even match it—that would make the Pixel 8 a redundant device all too soon. The Google Pixel 7 and 7a both used the Tensor G2 chipset but they still differed in their functionality. The upcoming device will run on Android 14 and have 8GB RAM and 256GB storage to support its internal functioning. 

The Google Pixel 8a specs leaks also suggest the camera capabilities will remain largely unchanged from the Pixel 7a. This should include two rear cameras—one 64 MP wide-angle lens and a 12 MP ultrawide lens. The front camera will also remain stuck at a disappointing 12 MP. Google doesn’t make much of a splash with its camera hardware but they do seem to work in some software elements to spruce up its capabilities so hopefully we’ll see that emulated in the Pixel 8a. 

The Google Pixel 8a design and specs aside, we’re also certain the device will have AI features integrated into its functions, but the company will likely be stingy with them. Even if the hardware and software have room for further integration, the full functionality of the Pixel 8 will not be duplicated. Unless you’re passionate about AI though, you shouldn’t really miss them too much.

Pixel 8a Price Comparison

Among the many Google Pixel 8a leaks, it has also come to light that the device is set to be more expensive than the 7a. Despite being intended for the mid-range category, reports from retailers indicate that it could be priced at €570 euros, converted to $550 dollars in the U.S. The Pixel 8 is $699 dollars and the Pixel 8 Pro is $999 dollars. The Pixel 7a fell in the middle at $499 but current rumors indicate things will be different this year. The Pixel 8a price comparisons make it clear that the device could potentially start to move away from affordability.

The OnePlus 12R stands to gain as one of the best mid-range smartphones on the market right now, and the Nothing Phone (2a), while unavailable in the U.S. markets, could also benefit from Google’s decision to hike up the price. 

None of these details have been officially confirmed so Google might still prove these Pixel 8a specs leak wrong and bring another winner to the market in May.