There appears to be a lot of uncertainty surrounding the display size among the initial Google Pixel Fold 2 leaks but one thing is certain—it’s set to be a big phone. The benefit of using a Fold has always been the ability to switch between a compact device and an expanded widescreen on the go. This gives the user the option to toggle between conveniences depending on the situation. Larger Pixel Fold 2 display sizes could be a game changer but not everyone wants to purchase a hefty mobile either, making it difficult for the company to commit to a mammoth-sized design. Still, one of the major Pixel Fold 2 screen details we’ve seen is that it is going to be more tablet-sized than ever before.

Pixel Fold 2 larger display

Image: Google Pixel Fold

A Glimpse at the Google Pixel Fold 2 Leaks

When it comes to large smartphone screens, the largest we’ve witnessed is the OnePlus Open. It has a 6.31-inch cover display and opens up to a massive 7.82-inch screen when you want to sit down to stream a movie or read an e-book. The original Pixel Fold screen details we’re familiar with include a 5.8-inch display that opens into a 7.6-inch smartphone. Initial word about the Pixel Fold 2’s larger display indicated that the device could be smaller, but analyst Ross Young took to Twitter/X to address the matter once and for all. 

According to his Pixel Fold 2 tablet screen predictions, the new device will have a 6.29-inch cover and you should be greeted by an 8.02-inch screen when you unfold it. The Galaxy Z Fold5 is another device that has a large screen which is 6.2 inches even while folded, and a larger 7.6-inch screen when unfolded. All these differences might seem insignificant on the surface, but when you’re trying to hold your phone to your ear, and it’s sized like a textbook, you’re probably going to notice. 

The Google Pixel Fold 2 leaks from Young also indicate that the smartphone’s panel production should begin in April. This means that regardless of our hypothesizing, the device’s specs are already set in stone. If mass production sets off in April, there’s a very narrow window before the company’s annual developer conference in May. We may hear only cursory announcements regarding the Pixel Fold 2’s larger display then, with a more structured release in October.

Pixel Fold 2 Display Sizes

Image: Google Pixel Fold

Pixel Fold 2 Display Sizes Aside, Here’s What Else the Rumors Have to Say

While the Pixel Fold 2 tablet screen is the latest detail to catch our attention, it’s not the first rumor we’ve heard this year. The Google Pixel Fold 2 leaks from February showed us a glimpse of what the camera could look like, and according to the writers at GSMArena, it’s “the ugliest camera island/protrusion in mobile world history.” We’re not as thrown off by the design, but there is admittedly something odd about what the leaked renders have shown us. Just as we were warming up to the camera design on the Xiaomi Ultra 14, we now have the Google Pixel Fold 2 leaks to process.

The general trend around flagship phones over the last few years has been to draw as much attention to the camera island as possible, and we’re not sure we love this creative direction entirely. The quad camera setup and flash feature appear mounted on a rectangular block that doesn’t do much for the charcoal color mock-up that was released. Ideally, with the changes in the Pixel Fold 2’s larger display, Google should also reduce the size of the bezel, just to make the device easier to use, and the leaks indicate that this could be a part of their plan already. This is a good sign for everyone looking forward to the launch. It will be especially convenient if the device is also thinner, which is what the rumors indicate. 

Adding on to the Google Pixel Fold 2 leak, Android Authority’s sources indicate that the device could feature a Tensor G4 processor. The original Pixel Fold had fallen behind its own brethren when it was released with the Tensor G2 processor and the company appears better prepared to avoid such mistakes this time. 

We’re hoping to hear more of the Pixel Fold 2 screen details such as the resolution and internal specs over the next two months in the lead-up to the Google I/O. Reports indicate that the  Google I/O conference will take place on May 14, 2024. It’s unlikely that the company will release the device by then but we hope they allow more of the Google Pixel Fold 2 leaks out so we know what to expect. We might also hear more about Google’s AI Gemini and Gemma, so even with more updates on the Pixel Fold 2 larger display, we’ll still have a lot to learn.