Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are premium mobile devices designed by the Mountain company. After Nexus and Chromebooks, Google launched its premium mobile device – Pixel. When we say premium, it is not high-end only in its price. It is premium, performance wise, providing amazing camera quality, smooth performance, and a great HD screen and storage capacity. The Pixel phones, built by HTC obviously delivered fantastic output for music. Google Pixel is one of the first smartphones to deliver Android 7.1 (Nougat) software.

Google has hinted the release of Pixel’s successor in 2017, with its release date unknown yet. This will be priced high on the likes of its predecessor with promising new features delivered by the tech company.

Google’s Massive Success with Google Pixel

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Google’s first 100% foray into the smartphone market was with the launch of Google Pixel and Pixel XL, in October 2016. Notably, this allows the California tech giant to directly compete against Apple. While Apple provides its own user interface (UI) platform, Google has stuck to Android. Pixel targets positioning Android as a high-end platform for smartphone users. The 2016 launched phone uses Android 7.1, the latest android software. Google Pixel has significantly seen a huge hit among premium android users after its launch last year.

Meanwhile, it is noticeable that Google has seen a shortage of devices to deliver with an increasing demand for Pixel series phones. But the sales are reported to be steady by the tech company. The VP of Hardware at Google, Rick Osterloh plans to keep developing the company’s smartphones. He has hinted towards the release of a successor to the premium Pixel smartphone. Although, the successor to Google’s successful predecessor will continue to be priced towards the higher end. The next phone of Pixel series will directly compete with Apple’s iPhone 8, reports suggest.

Google will release a Successor to Google Pixel in 2017

In a briefing at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, Rick told Android Pit that there is an annual rhythm in the industry. That is why you can count on Google to follow it. He also mentioned that even if we don’t hear a date from him at present, we can count on the successor to the Pixel this year.

Furthermore, when asked about the release of a low-cost Pixel phone, the Google executive responded by saying that – ‘the Pixel stays Premium’.

Google has not mentioned more about the release of the next Pixel series smartphones. But according to the trend that Google follows, we assume it will be in the market for sale somewhere around the fourth quarter. The California-based tech giant has held most of its launch events for Nexus series around the same time. Its current massive hit, the Pixel and Pixel XL were also launched in October 2016. For now, we can only assume the release period until an official announcement of the release date by Google.

Google Pixel and Google Chromebook

Osterloh had indicated earlier that the Pixel brand may remain reserved for smartphones only and won’t make premium Pixel Chromebooks. But eventually, the VP has reassured Chromebook consumers on the social platform, Twitter. He mentioned in his tweet that Chromebooks are not ‘dead’. They will live on but Google has no plans to share at present regarding Chromebooks.

To summarize, this comes across as great news for all the Pixel and android lovers. We look forward to the high-end successor of Google Pixel.