Google Logo Revamped!

This time they re-design their logo, shortly few weeks after changing their original name to “Alphabet”.

The Tech Behemoth introduced a slightly toned down four color letters logo in sans- serif, undergoing the biggest refurbishment since 1999.

“I felt like destroying something beautiful.” –Google Design Team, on refurbishment.

The company announced that the new design will be soon visible across all its products and services.  The search engine’s homepage revealed the overhauled logo with a cute animation, which wipes away the previous logo and sketches the new one.

The company said in a blog post “Google has changed a lot over the past 17 years – from the range of our products to the evolution of their look and feel. And today we’re changing things up once again.

google neha

The search engine that has answer for everything, feels that the redesign is meant to reflect the way, which people interact with Google products across various apps, devices, and platforms.

Google refurbishes its logo

There have been mixed reviews for the redesign of logo. While some feel this is a new beginning to a great change, others on the other hand think of it as a naïve step taken by the company. A person tweeted saying “Congrats to whoever created the logo in their lunch break”.

Well what can we say?  The magic of Google for us always works!

The new look imparts the familiar feeling that “you’re not only using it, but also how the company is working  for you to keep you fascinated by them all the time.”

A person named Brian Gibson shared his view about the logo change like this.

It’s a cheery and pleasant updated logo, which might give one an appeasing, feeling great element. Isn’t it? Dane Storrusten seems quite enthusiastic about the logo refurbishment.

Porter Gale expressed a positive review on the design.

A woman named Yuji Nakajima questioned the logo over these questions