Google Rolls Out AI-Powered High-Priority Notifications in Gmail Mobile App

Google Inc is placing artificial intelligence at maximum utilization. As announced in April this year, it is initiating a rollout of the AI-powered high-priority notifications setting in Gmail mobile app. The new feature will first land in Gmail iOS app, followed by Android Gmail app very soon, reports VentureBeat.

Google released the biggest redesign of Gmail app including a bunch of highly refined features earlier this year. David Thacker, VP Product Management, G-Suite then highlighted that the high-priority notifications will help the users to minimize interruptions as Gmail mobile app will notify only about the important messages.

Before the commercial rollout, the search engine giant tested this advanced feature of high-priority notifications with Salesforce team.

“Gmail’s new easy-to-use interface and built-in intelligence enable our employees to collaborate faster and smarter.” Jo-annOlsovsky, EVP, CIO of Salesforce.

Fixing the Longstanding Issue

Earlier Gmail revamped its model by categorizing Inbox into Primary, Social, and Promotion sections. This feature helped to self-clean the clutter in the mail and give better visual appeal. The mailing app also offered users an option to customize the criteria section in Inbox on their own. However, this did not resolve another core issue of the Gmail mobile app.

Over a time, Gmail has turned into a major platform for promotions and push notifications from infinite services such as Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook. Consequently, the Smartphone users have to either completely set off the Gmail notifications or bear the constant nagging.

Google is initiating to roll out the AI-powered high-priority notifications setting in Gmail mobile app. Source: Google

So, now Google is attempting to resolve this on the basis of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Activating high-priority notifications setting, Google has worked upon the fundamental issue of notification surplus in the Gmail account.

Further, Gmail mobile app will also suggest the users when to unsubscribe from a specific mailing list. With the help of artificial intelligence, unsubscribe recommendation will appear on the basis of the number of emails received from a sender against the number of e-mails read by the account holder.

This artificial intelligence enabled feature is already available in Google’s another mailing app, Inbox. This standalone Inbox app has become a tester platform for Gmail’s new feature.

“We’ve learned over the years that changing Gmail is really, really hard — lots of people rely on it to run their lives, so we don’t want to make changes frivolously or things with a lot of risks,” Jacob Bank, Gmail Product Manager told VB.

In the upcoming days, the Gmail mobile app users will start seeing the high-priority notifications setting alert at the top of their inbox.

Another AI-Powered Setting: Nudging

Google also introduced other artificial intelligence feature in Gmail, namely Nudging a few months back.

As stated earlier, Gmail users receive multiple messages during a single time. And at times, it becomes difficult for them to remember the action to be taken on each mail. Here Nudging comes to the rescue wherein it reminds the user to follow up or respond to emails.

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