Is Google Struggling with Its Messaging Apps? Google is combining Meet and Duo into one app. The company has announced that it will be consolidating the Google messaging apps into one, and that it will be called Google Meet. Google is combining its Meet and Duo apps into one, which is a big change for the company.

The company announced the merger on Wednesday, but did not say when exactly it would be released, but we should be expecting it in a few weeks’ time. The new app will be renamed and will be a combination of the two apps.

We believe that the company is working to make the experience of using the new Google messaging app as seamless as possible by integrating all its services into one place.

Google said, “In the coming weeks, we’re adding all the Meet features to the Duo app, so users can easily schedule a video meeting at a time that works for everyone or continue using video calling to instantly connect with a person or group. Later this year, we’ll rename the Duo app to Google Meet, our single video communications service across Google that is available to everyone at no-cost.”

Google Duo was launched in 2016 and focuses on group video calls. It allows users to add up to 32 people at once. Meet was launched in 2017 and is focused on video calls with screen sharing capabilities that can host over 100 people at a time.

Google announced in their blog post that they would be bringing all of the Google Meet app features to the Google Duo App. And after some time, the combined apps would officially be renamed Google Meet.

But what does this mean for you? Well, if you’ve been using either of the Google messaging apps, Meet or Duo, for your team communications or video calls, here are some things you should know:

1) If you’re currently using either Meet or Duo, you’ll continue to be able to do so after the new app launches. This means that all features from both the Google messaging apps, Duo and Meet, will still be available for use in the new app. 

2) Google Duo users will be able to make video calls with up to 100 people, rather than the usual 32 people. 

3) Duo users also get to schedule appointment meetings at a time that is convenient for everyone. Instead of directly calling your members for a meeting, you can set a time for it and inform everyone. 

4) Duo users will be able to customize virtual backgrounds to assist them with their meetings with other people.

5) Duo users will also get to use the Meet feature that allows users to share their content when on an ongoing call. 

“The Duo mobile app had a lot of sophistication, especially under the hood and in emerging markets, where network connectivity was sparse or highly variable,” according to Dave Citron, Google’s director for video products. Google might be aiming to keep this sophistication while adding features from the Google Meet app. So, be certain that the Google Duo features will definitely be intact. 


Google has announced that it will combine both of the Google messaging apps, Meet and Duo, into a single app called Google Meet, which will launch in a few weeks’ time.