Google is about to take communication on the world wide web to another dimension. The 23-year-old tech company is about to replace the classic Hangout with Google chat. Google Hangouts is a messaging app that permits users to begin and participate in one-on-one or group chat, audio, sound, and video conversations. Google Hangouts is consolidated into Google+ and Gmail, and the Hangouts chat app is accessible for both iOS and Android.

Starting around 2018, Google had expected to use standard Hangouts for Workspace clients that clients use for business which is related to workplace chat from meta, yet the migration to Google Chat will be mandatory on March 22. It’s the last period of a five-venture cycle to advance everyone from Classic Hangouts to Google Chat by next month, Google “may turn on the “Visit liked” setting for all users who haven’t done as such before, making Google Chat the default communicating application,” according to a report circulated by Google.

Google Hangouts Workplace Chats

Google has made it known to the public that it’ll make Google Chat its default chat application by the following month, meaning clients tend to be redirected to Chat when they attempt to visit Hangouts in Gmail on the web or attempt to utilize the old mobile Hangouts chat app.

This move made by Google by shifting from Google Hangouts to Google Chat is the most recent advance in Google’s continually developing communicating strategy, which by and large gets confounding the more you read regarding it.

Existing Hangouts chat histories will continue into Chat besides in “a couple of special cases,” Google says. Even though it’s unrealistic to quit this change, Google adds that the space will keep on working.

For the time being, this change is just affecting Workspace clients like workplace chat, as well as inheritance G Suite Basic and Business clients. As such, it’s affecting individuals who utilize Google’s administrations as a feature of a business or association. However, 9to5Google reported that Google has recently shown free Google Account clients will go through similar progress after Workspace.


    • Google chat has a feature that allows video call ringing which is only available for mobile devices 
    • Classic hang out doesn’t allow sharing of links to chat or to join the  conversation but it is allowed on Google Chat
    • Google charts allow you to block people across all Google platforms. 
  • If you’ve blocked people before in Hangouts, it won’t reflect on Google chat.

Difference between Google Chat and classic Hangout

Features Classic Hangouts  Google Chat
@mentions Not available  available
Chrome app Not  available  available
Chrome extension  available Not available
Customize notification sounds  Not available available
Dark mode  Not available available
Emoji reactions Not available available
Edit and delete messages  Not available Not available
Formatting Not available available
Stickers available Not available
Video call ringing  available available
Threaded spaces Not available available