All in One Travel App - Google Trips

Google has started testing the app Google Trips, your new travel companion. It is an early version of the travel app, which is now being tested by local guides: users who contribute a lot to Google Maps.

Google Trips shows you a list of upcoming trips, whenever you search for flights and accommodation. To keep the app interesting, it has also included a list of places to visit and various other activities to keep you at the edge of your seat.

The new travel app automatically collects all of your data from your Gmail, providing you have granted the permission to do so. For instance, travel automatically added to packages, including your reservation. Previously, Google added this information to Google Inbox in the form of travel bundles.

All In One Travel App

The travel information can also provide you with all the details about the transportation. It works just like a normal travel guide, making all the information handy including info of Public Transport, Taxis, Rental Cars, Food & Drink, Things To Do, Getting Around, and Need To Know. Google also guides you on how to ride your bike or car when you are visiting a new city, along with the data of local traffic.

Another feature which is added to Trips is the ability to provide feedback. It is intended that the content is supplemented by users and thus you can give your feedback on almost everything. You can include the photos of activities that can be done at a given place and your experience.

Chances are, this new travel assistant will be integrated with the recently launched Google Destinations, a new feature in the US version of the search engine.

Currently, Google Trips can only be used by selected number of local guides from level2 or higher, who have registered for the test phase of the new Google travel guide. More details about the app, or its launch are not yet available. However, Google I/O is in next month, so we can expect to see a glimpse of the new travel assistant really soon.