Google is conducting an event by September-end wherein it will unveil a set of hardware products. However, recent leaks by WinFuture show that the tech giant will also reveal the Nest Audio device. This is a smart-speaker successor to the popular Google Home. The leak shared images and a video of the Nest Audio tool and revealed that that tool would be available in two new color options- chalk and charcoal colors.

However, Google earlier already shared its image of the Nest Audio in blue color; it can be said that it will be sold in three colors.  Google will also launch the new Pixels- Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, and a new Google Nest Chromecast audio device with Google TV at the same event.

Google Nest Audio in two colors

Though there are no more specific details of the Google Nest Audio device, users are speculating it would be a rival to the older Google Home in terms of its audio quality and an upgraded and enhanced form of a Nest-branded smart speaker.

Google chromecast nest audio out

Google Nest Audio

About Google Nest

Google Nest is a series of smart audio speakers developed by tech giant Google under the Nest brand. Google Nest was earlier known as Google Home. The smart home devices let users speak voice commands and interact with essential services through the Google Assistant tool and virtual assistant.

The Google Nest integrates both in-house and third-party services. Users can listen to music, control the playback settings of videos or photos, and also receive news updates entirely by voice every day. The Google Nest devices also are equipped with integrated support for home automation.

With this feature, users can control smart home appliances with their voice commands. Google Home was first released across the United States in November 2016. The original Google Home smart speaker had a cylindrical shape with different-colored status LEDs glittering on the top.

In October 2017, Google subsequently announced two additions to the smart speaker product lineup- the miniature puck-shaped Google Home Mini and a more massive console Google Home Max. In October 2018, Google released the Google Home Hub, a smart speaker with a 7-inch touchscreen. In May 2019, the company announced that Google Home devices would be rebranded under the Google Nest brand and unveiled the Google Nest Hub Audio Out Max, a larger smart home speaker.