Generally many try to establish green habits at home, but how meticulous are you towards green habits at workplace? Nevertheless, electronic devices have their reasonable share of harmful influence to our planet. Everyday excessive charging, use of inefficient power peripherals and buying plastic based accessories are few universal practices with using too many electronics. Living without these gadgets can be difficult. Nonetheless, you can definitely establish certain green living goals by acknowledging green habits at workplace too.

Henceforth, we have researched some of the most eco-friendly office accessories and gadgets for workplace. Below are 8 of the coolest ones.

Solar USB charger



This dexterous tiny doodad is a battery that gets its charge from solar energy. There forth, it charges any of the USB chargeable devices. Perfect for devices that drain battery in short time spans.

Staple-less Staplers


These staple-less staplers blend your papers by thumping a minute, tidy hole in your documents and folding the left over flaps jointly for a safe binding. Since there is no use of pins, it is safe for children. In addition to, it is perfect for paper shredders and good for the environment too.

Natural Light Smart LED Tilting Head Desk Lamp


This LED light will give natural light that won’t stress a person over a long period of time. It operates on four vivid modes namely reading, study, relaxation and bedtime. Additionally, the brightness for each mode is manually operated.

Perpetual Calendar


This eco-conscious office tool is a wonder by Gideon Dagan and made of ABS recyclable polymer and magnets. Determine the month with the string tethered, gravity defying suspended ball that and a second horizontal one to indicate the day. Moreover, it can be positioned on a desktop or fixed on a wall.

SolPro Charger



With 90 minutes in direct sunlight, this solar charger will have sufficient power to charge your device for one time. It has 2 USB insertions and it can charge your device as it utilizes energy from the sun.

Hu2 Eco Reminders


Hu2 Design creates possibly the coolest Eco Reminders. Nothing can be more quirky, ornamental and eco-friendly as a reminder for you not to waste energy and switch off the power when you are done with charging your devices. In addition to, these wall decals are made from PVC free adhesive which is a biomaterial.

Bracketron Mushroom GreenZero


This is a minuscule charger for your gadget that automatically powers off and put a stop to the connection between the power source and your device the moment the battery is full. The main goal here is to save energy and your money from paying unnecessary electric bills.

Porcelain Travel Coffee Mugs


Eco-friendly, Porcelain Travel Mugs will appease environmentalists because of its exclusivity. Nonetheless, the price you pay for it will be a little more than a couple of cappuccinos. However, be assured to be paid back in no time.

These eco-friendly office accessories and gadgets will not just add environmentally friendly credentials but will hopefully inspire your colleagues to cultivate green habits at workplace.