The GTA 6 trailer just dropped and we have our wallets ready to treat ourselves but it’s going to be a while before we make any transactions. While fans had their fingers crossed for an early 2024 launch, Rockstar Games just made it clear that the GTA 6 release date will be set in 2025, marking another year-long wait for anyone interested in buying the game. After the initial mention of in 2022, almost a decade-long wait for gamers since the GTA 5 2013 release, many were hoping that the confirmation of the trailer would mean an early release, but the company appears committed to a well-planned launch, prolonging the wait for the game just a little bit longer. It’s no wonder that fans have been sustaining themselves on the GTA 6 rumors that have been making the rounds, but let’s take a deep breath and focus our energies on the GTA 6 trailer instead. 

GTA 6 Trailer: Get Set for Vice City Shenanigans Once Again

Image credit – Rockstar Games Press Release

The GTA 6 Trailer Just Confirmed a Few of the Rumors from the GTA 6 Leaks

Grand Theft Auto is a game for the masses, one with a bit of all the destruction and wildness that humanity has to offer. The GTA 6 launch has been a much-awaited moment for years and the unrest that fans have experienced has been evident from their regular analysis and breakdown of every single detail they could find regarding the game. After a massive data leak in 2022 that saw around 90 videos released to a GTA forum, the company was understandably distraught but with the arrest of the culprit, there was hope that the company would be able to keep some information under wraps at least. Still, GTA 6 rumors have surfaced time and again, and just hours before the official GTA 6 trailer launch, even that was stolen and released in advance, prompting Rockstar Games to officially release the trailer a few hours early.

The tweet by Rockstar Games announcing the trailer has reportedly been breaking records on its own, with over 1.7 million likes on X/Twitter, with 126 million views and 455k retweets according to Rockstar Intel. Becoming the most-liked gaming tweet over a simple announcement is no small feat, and is a feather in the company’s cap that they can still garner such enthusiasm from gamers worldwide. X/Twitter has also been set abuzz with reports of a flaming heart like button in celebration of the tweet’s success. The 1:30-minute GTA 6 trailer is a great intro to what the company has planned for its audience, highlighting the debauchery and destruction that the game is so loved for. While the exact GTA 6 release date is still unclear, knowing it’s a year away leaves us with time to review the trailer and see what we can guess until then.

Living it Up in Vice City

The GTA 6 trailer confirmed a return to the fictional Floridian location of Vice City in Leonida, something the GTA 6 rumors have brought up a couple of times in the lead-up to the trailer release. This will ramp up the nostalgia for players of the 2002 and 2006 GTA releases—Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories—who will likely be able to recognize familiar locations once the game is officially out. With crazed antics and a wildness that is just right for the “Florida Man” template that the location’s glistening beaches, Everglades, and neon skylines demand, there appears to be a lot that gamers will get to witness with GTA 6, alligators included whether you asked for those or not. 

The landscapes and diversity of locations are a clear indication that the Vice City map might be expanded to allow for a much-enhanced open-world experience, although it is still unclear just how much of the trailer’s featured locations will be playable. Reactions to the crowded landscapes and updated settings have been positive so far, with many hoping that these massive numbers of pedestrians are maintained in-game as well. The number of vehicles, from jet skis to copters, in the game is also important to appreciate, setting up the potential of racing—and destroying—a more eclectic collection of transport. There should be no shortage of things to do and cop chases to evade in the upcoming game. 

The ThrillyBilly Mud Club and the High Rollerz Lifestyle tag are just a few instances of the detailed attention that has gone into crafting the GTA 6 trailer, presenting suggestions of what the player could likely do other than exploring the map. GamesRadar speculates that GTA 6 might bring base jumping back for thrill seekers who want the at-home experience of it again, an activity that was popular among players of GTA 5

Lucia Set To Change Things Up

Lucia set to change things up with the GTA 6 game

Still from the GTA 6 trailer

A major detail of the game is the inclusion of a female protagonist, another aspect that the GTA rumors had brought to the forefront this last year. Lucia, clearly an ex-inmate, is the only one of the pair we have a name for, but with the Bonnie and Clyde aesthetic locked in, it shouldn’t be long before the company releases more information about the pair. 

The GTA 6 trailer places a heavy emphasis on the social media angle as well, with references to social media posts, live streams, new reports and every other form of media you could ask for. Staying topical with its setting seems like a great move for the game, one that echoes the times we live in but still gives gamers a chance to indulge in it all. From Animal control officers to lifestyle influencers and “Karens”, the game seems to have covered everything that trends on the internet today. 

There has been little publicity that Rockstar Games itself has officially invested in but the GTA 6 trailer and rumors have been enough to keep the game in the news anyway. We’re hopeful that the company will continue to drop titbits of information over the next few months while we wait for a clear release date for GTA 6 but with the company’s track record, it might be unlikely that we see more updates until the game is ready for launch. Set for a PS5 and Xbox Series X|S release, the official announcement of the game refers to it as the “most immersive evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series yet” and if the trailer is anything to go by, we believe them wholeheartedly.