Google’s Android Wear 2.0 is a major innovation in the world of smartwatches. With the help of Android Wear 2.0 you can check appointments, fitness targets, and much more by simply glancing at your wrist-watch. You can order a cab, start your workout regime, or even make a call by one simple tap on the watch. Android Wear 2.0 gives you a more personalized experience by letting you switch to different watch-faces whenever you wish. Watches powered by Android Wear 2.0 technology opens up a door of varied possibilities; such as easy ways to respond to texts, in-built apps like Google Fit, Google Play Music, AccuWeather, etc., in-built Google Assistant, and more.

android wear 2.0 in new guess connect watches

With the availability of Android Wear 2.0 for more and more watches; leading watch brands are pitching in for the same. Latest reports by pocket-lint reveal that the Swiss luxury watch brand, Guess Connect (Gc) is launching smartwatches with Android Wear 2.0 technology. As per the announcement by the watch manufacturer; it will launch the updated version of its Connect series at Baselworld 2017. This watch trade show will start from 23rd March in Switzerland. Among the many luxury brands of smart-watches who will be announcing their new collections; Guess is headed for an Android Wear 2.0 updated release.

Android Wear 2.0 Replaces Old Martian Model Connect Watches

While the old version of Guess Connect watches ran on Martian model, the updated version will use Android Wear 2.0 and Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset. It will assist you to easily read and respond to messages, maintain your health and fitness schedules, and other important tasks. As Android Wear 2.0 boasts of a personalized experience; the new Connect series watches will also allow you to switch into varied watch-faces.

With Google’s Android Wear 2.0 on board for new Connect series; you can expect built-in Google Apps like Google Assistant and Android Pay for mobile payments. But the California watch-maker has not confirmed some of the features and specs yet. Also, the waterproof feature of the new Guess Connect series is yet to be confirmed by the luxury brand.

New Android Wear 2.0 Watches will Cater to Both Genders

Having round displays, these watches will have analogue designs. The stainless steel cases will cater to both genders; with 41mm and 44mm size variants. However, men will have the advantage of more options with five models; and women will have three models to choose from.

Expected Options for Men-

  • Black Silicone Strap
  • Polished Steel
  • Steel with Grey Silicone Strap
  • Rose Gold
  • Crocodile Leather Patterned Strap

Expected Options for Women-

  • Steel with White Silicone Strap
  • Rose Gold
  • Rose Gold with Polished Bracelet

Presumably, Guess will announce the release date and prices at Baselworld 2017. As of now, the companies providing Android Wear 2.0 watches are ASUS, Fossil, Huawei, LG, Tag Heuer, and Michael Kors among others. Guess coming in the Android Wear 2.0 segment with its new Connect series will face competition from the above mentioned brands. Time will state if Guess can live up to the expectations of its customers or not.