Every day, we strive to be as much productive as possible, to have more energy and hit our goals while being the best version of ourselves. But there are lots of bad habits keeping us from achieving these goals. How about getting incentives for completing those tasks using Habitica? Most time, our under performance emanates from lack of competition or no immediate motivation. Habitica app is a great tool to achieve a more perfect control and completion of your daily tasks by gamifying them. Having used this task gamification app for some time now, I can tell you the effect is massively positive and fun.



Habitica – Gamify App, Gamify your Life

What’s Habitica App About? Gamification Apps ?

Habitica will require you to create a username and a character: avatar who you’d be working hard to improve. Next is to input the habits or tasks you want to gamify and there you go! The app is gravely detailed. There’s a provision to add notes to the habit and to specify the category: positive or negative, and give yourself a timed reminder. You’ll need to check the completed tasks once you’re done with the assignment to earn points, which unlocks new levels and opportunities. Your points can increase or decrease based on the habits you have patronized. Of course, bad habits steal your points.

Users can visit the social areas to read or post messages in the Tavern which is visible to everyone on the platform. They can also check their inbox for messages from friends, battle monsters, create or join a party (I know you’d love to be in a party), create challenges for your friends and a lot more. That’s the juiciest part, anyway. You can use earned gems or gold coins (Habitica currency) to buy things for your avatar or character.

I’d prefer using Habitica website when I want more space to explore but the app is quite great to use, especially when you are on the go and want to check things quickly.

Habitica app review : using the app

Your character starts from level 1, but it’s quite easy to grow your level by completing tasks. Once you reach the 10th level, you can choose four classes: warrior, mage, rogue, and healer. Everyone wants to be the warrior. But all the classes are amazing with distinctive benefits. Rogues, for instance, possess high perception to find items for quests quickly or obtain items such as food and pet eggs. A mage has the power to cast spells that can freeze your current tasks, so you won’t get penalized for not completing them within the timeframe. Users earn a stat point at each level which they can use to improve their character’s perception, intelligence, strength, and constitution.

Gamification Apps – Habitia Dashboard

Habitica dashboard has four columns: Habits, Dailies, To-Dos, and Rewards. You can add habits and rate them as weak or strong; based on how frequent you often do them. Unlike other factors, habits don’t have a rigid schedule and this means you can check them multiple times in a day. They include reading, exercising, etc. Under your Dailies, you include repetitive tasks and choose the days they should repeat including the schedule that works for you.

Habitia App

Habitia App Preview

The To-Dos carry all the tasks for the day and beyond. They are completed once. You have the option to set the level of difficulty. I like hyping my errands more to make me feel more accomplished once I get them completed. I’m sure you are wondering if your friends can see those bad habits and all your errands for the day. They won’t. Your errands and habits information is private. All your profile views can see is your avatar and character stats.

Habitica Review : other habit-tracking experience

Habitica has quests that mainly give you special pet rewards like t-rex eggs and unicorn. Interestingly, you can do quests solo or with a group. Joining a group to do quests together can be more fun and help everyone to be more responsible. The quests are in two categories: boss quests and drop quests.

You must collect certain items to complete a “drop quest.” The items are dropped randomly when you complete a task. You also have a choice to increases your chances of obtaining coveted in many ways. You can do a “boss quest” by completing your daily tasks which do damage to a menacing creature. If you forget to complete your daily tasks, the same creature you’re damaging will attack your character and that will cause loss of health. If any of your group members forget a daily, everyone on the group losses health. So everyone has the obligation to encourage their group mates.

The concept may sound intimidating to newbies but Habitica app is very easy to learn; they walk you through the basics once you register.

Conclusion : Habitica

Habitica app will motivate teens and adults that enjoy making points on video games. It’s a nice app to gamify tasks but the graphics is not good. I’m not sure why the developer has settled for old-school video graphics in this 3rd millennium. However, the entire concept is a great deal. For every list maker that wants a fun incentive after completing tasks, you need to give Habitica app a try.