In 2020, Amazon debuted the Halo view fitness band to mixed reviews. Although many enjoyed the clean design and plenty of wellness features, the voice tracking and fat scanning functions generated a controversy. The fitness tracker’s second iteration results from the company’s response to customer input. The new Halo View review incorporates the most remarkable aspects of the original Halo, removes the problematic elements, and adds one significant feature that has been absent from the Halo series.

Features Of The Halo View

The Halo view flaunts Fitbit’s classic rectangular body, comfortable elastomer band, and brilliant, vivid AMOLED display. It’s a little boxier than the Fitbit Charge 5, but the similarities are unmistakable.

The feature set of Halo View is exceptionally competitive. It advertises a seven-day battery life, which I found true throughout my tests. It also has an optical heart-rate sensor, an on-demand pulse oximeter, and a skin temperature monitor. Because of its 50-meter water resistance, you may wear the Halo View in the shower or while swimming.

halo view fitness tracker

Halo View Review: Keep a track of health and fitness activities. 

Halo View Design

The Halo View resembles a Fitbit in appearance but not in feel. The 20.6 gram Halo View is exceptionally light compared to most other fitness bands that weigh above 30 grams.

Comparing the Fitbit vs. Halo View, it is seen that the Halo view lacks the firm feel of a Fitbit. Although it appears to be a low-cost gadget, it does not operate as such. During tests, the Halo View exceeded expectations. Input signals were precise, and battery life lasted up to a week.

Halo View Fitness Tracking

You’d never guess Amazon is a newcomer to the fitness tracking game. The Halo app is surprisingly well-designed, with an easy-to-navigate UI that makes finding information a breeze. And there’s a plethora of it. Amazon’s Halo View gathers all of the typical health metrics you’ll need to keep track of your fitness, such as step count, heart rate, calories, and more.

The Halo View fitness tracker tracks your activity level using a weekly points system, which is ideal for people who are often on the go. You may take a day off, exercise when you have more time, and still accomplish your fitness objectives instead of squeezing thousands of steps into each day. The only significant oversight is the lack of a GPS. 

The View has no built-in GPS and does not use your phone’s GPS. As a result, it does not show distance or pace during an outdoor exercise. Most people will probably be unconcerned, but runners and cyclists will be unhappy.

Halo View Sleep Tracker

Halo View Amazon not only monitors your heart rate and activity during the night but also detects your skin temperature. This gives you yet another metric to use when diagnosing sleep problems or keeping track of your health. What should you do if you wake up exhausted despite obtaining a healthy eight hours of sleep? You can check the weather statistics to see if the weather contributed to your incapacity to sleep. You may need to remove a layer or add a blanket to be warm at night. Temperature can also be used to diagnose illnesses, track your menstrual cycle, and detect other changes in your body or surroundings.

The Halo view release date is on the 8 of December 2021. Interestingly, the Halo View is an excellent choice for those looking for a less expensive alternative to Fitbit and Garmin’s more expensive trackers. Most consumers will be satisfied with the number of metrics and wellness elements it provides. The Halo View may not have enough bells and whistles to tempt folks away from Fitbit or Garmin, but it is an excellent place to start for those new to fitness tracking.