Harley-Davidson S2 DEL MAR has started to stamp its authority on roads not taken so far. In other words, the terrains which remain unexplored to a great extent. The green route, the EV way. The alley which leads to a world with lesser carbon emissions and the garden of Eden that can be spotted at not-a-faraway place with zero carbon emissions — an air of freshness that smells bliss, something  which dreams are made of. 

In a world, where we are encountering the growing concern of a possible climate catastrophe, from all corners – be it scientists, environmentalists and climate workers, on a daily basis, the all-new Harley-Davidson S2 DEL MAR is a drop of dew which you discover in the early morning. It’s one of these rare things that manages to instill a ray of hope in these otherwise mundane times. The erstwhile ‘masculine’ sound of a gnawing bike is now replaced by a solitary reaper’s song, which weaves around the delicate trenches of love. 

The silent revolution in the auto industry currently underway, is none other than the huge paradigm shift towards EV. Be it four-wheelers or two-wheelers, we are seeing that people across the world are slowly embracing a change. And it’s a positive one — they are showing traits of a conscious consumer by preferring EV over anything else. If you look at the reception of EVs around the world and the recent spike in sales, you will be able to draw the conclusion that gradually users are opting for the green variant of their favorite vehicles. 

In this regard, we have also spotted that many stereotypes are also falling apart like a house of cards. For instance, a brand like Lexus, which happens to be the luxury car section of Toyota, rolling out its first-ever EV in the form of a 2023 Lexus RZ450e, would have been perceived as not even a distant possibility, until a while ago.

Harley-Davidson is a more than a century old company, which has been redlining the highest standards of a highly sought-after motorbike, since ages. We can’t place the brand in the EV segment easily, going by our shared memory of Harley-Davidson’s own brand positioning and campaigns that continued to run for decades, mesmerized us in the process and managed to strike a chord with millions of bike lovers spread across the world. 

Today Harley-Davidson finds a connection with almost the all and sundry, around the globe but the fact that it has an entire series dedicated to electric bikes, still remains unpalatable. For the uninitiated, the motorbike brand whose wheels started rolling in 1903, has a separate electric motorcycle division called  LiveWire. And this is not the first time it has churned out an EV bike in the market. 

Today, the brand-new Harley-Davidson S2 DEL MAR seems to be the new talk of the auto industry, globally. From social media platforms to the auto community forums on various online portals and even the offline ones, it has become the new center of attraction. Posts around it are floating like nothing on the internet. Reels and vlogs are being made on the Harley-Davidson S2 DEL MAR. And it certainly deserves our special attention.

Harley-Davidson Electric Bikes

In a nutshell, the Harley-Davidson S2 DEL MAR is a flamboyant electric bike with a rare blend of agility and soulfulness, polish and passion, legacy and modernity, thrill and responsibility. Something you don’t find too often inside a store or can hardly spot on the roads. [Image Credit: Harley-Davidson]

Let’s raise a toast and get along with an adventurous trip with the new Harley-Davidson S2 DEL MAR. Hey! Are you ready? Close your eyes for a moment and see the freshly carved Harley-Davidson S2 DEL MAR take you to a newfoundland with way less carbon emissions. Here we go!

Harley-Davidson S2 DEL MAR: Wheels Go Green

It was in a small shed in Milwaukee way back in the early 1900s, the 120-year old dream saga of Harley-Davidson took off with William S. Harley and Walter Davidson at the helm of things. Since then, the brand has done enough to prove that it’s quite fluid in nature and ready to adapt with the changing times and act accordingly with the changing demands of the new world order. 

The brand’s CEO Jochen Zeitz sheds light to this very thought as he says, “If you look at the past 120 years, the company has always evolved, never stood still. Now, like the founders did at the time by trying to reinvent or invent something unique, that’s obviously something that we as a company brand need to do as well.”

Being regarded as a pioneer in the history of two-wheelers, Harley-Davidson was one of the first major motorcycle manufacturers to introduce an all-electric motorcycle to the auto world. Hailed globally, for its impeccable V-twin engines, now the brand sees itself taking the green route even more with the passage of time, with the target being to go 100% electric in the future. 

And in order to do so, the brand has taken the mode of trying to create a fine balance between old times and the new era — taking inspirations from the past, which has enough glory thanks to its unparalleled long legacy stretching over several decades and mingling them with the new techniques, modern craft along with a fresh looking glass to see things differently than we used to perceive them, until a while back. 

This line of thought also finds reflection in the words of  Zeitz as he points out, “What we’re doing is celebrating our past but also evolving the brand at the same time. It’s a natural evolution that needed to happen.” 

The Harley-Davidson electric bikes entered the ring in 2018. And in 2019, the LiveWire electric bikes hit the stores and were up for grabs, globally. The very first model to challenge the equation of the roads was known as the LiveWire S2 DEL MAR. Overall, the reception was more than recent.

However, the story appears entirely different with the all-new Harley-Davidson S2 DEL MAR, which has not only managed to steer a widespread interest in the Harley-Davidson electric bikes, but also looks like a massive upgrade over its predecessor. Both in terms of features and composure. When it comes to the character, the new arrival appears to have more life and energy in it, offering a vibrant look and feel with a tinge of freshness, a rare combination which helps it stand out in the garage as well on the road. It’s something else, something we haven’t seen before. 

Harley-Davidson S2 DEL MAR Performance Highlights 

Let’s go through the major talking points of the monstrous performance that the bike manages to unleash despite being an EV, tearing apart a host of popular misconceptions. Please look minutely —




L2 20-80% CHARGE TIME: 75 MIN

0-60 TIME: 3.1 SEC

In a nutshell, the Harley-Davidson S2 DEL MAR is a flamboyant electric bike with a rare blend of agility and soulfulness, polish and passion, legacy and modernity, thrill and responsibility. Something you don’t find too often inside a store or can hardly spot on the roads. 

With the calls for more substantial measures to reduce the global carbon footprint getting frantic, EV will be a more booming segment in the auto industry this year (just to let you know, according to Statista, the revenue in the EV market is projected to reach US$457.60bn in 2023) and Harley-Davidson could just unleash a blissful flame to strengthen its bid for the numero uno in the electric bikes market. 

To try this unique experience with the Harley-Davidson S2 DEL MAR, you have to sanction a pocket-pinch of $16,999. However, you could book your copy by reserving it through spending just $100, certainly a great marketing ploy on the part of this 120-year old brand. 

If price remains a major issue for you and acts as a serious constraint in allowing you to embrace the green EV route for your two-wheeled adventures, just sit back and relax. As always, we at Technowize, have got your back. Check out the yet not-so popular OLA S1 Air, whose sales have started to rise by leaps and bounds, of late. It ticks almost all of your necessary boxes and most-importantly doesn’t burn your pocket as you will be good to go with it by giving only $1026.43 (which appears to be a paltry sum when compared to the price of the new Harley-Davidson EV). 

Stay tuned with us. We will be back soon with more exclusive updates from the world of auto and tech in general. Till then, have a nice ride! 

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