The MultiBeam 700 by Harman Kardon is a compact and much cheaper model priced at 499 euros. It is equipped with a captivating surround mode. In terms of design, the MultiBeam 700 is a perfect match for a modern and sleek interior. The Citation speakers boast of soft, rounded lines covered with the fabric, primarily from Kvadrat- a Danish textile manufacturer that supplies exclusive furniture clothing. The MultiBeam 700 is available in two colour versions- a black with dark grey thread and a light grey with dark threads. The MultiBeam 700 stands at 6.5 cm and can be placed in front of the TV without the screen being covered. It can also be mounted on a wall.

Harman Kardon speakers multibeam 700 review

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The top of the MultiBeam 700 has a small elongated touch screen that displays the dynamics of the bar. The user can use it to operate the soundbar and to select functions like the three adjustable presets. The smart MultiBeam 700 can be centralized with the touch-screen, though in practice it is not that effective. The Harman Kardon device comes with a remote with which one can operate all functions

The MultiBeam 700 comes without an Ethernet connection and can be connected via Wi-Fi. The setting up process is easy, and one can choose to configure it via Google Home. The Citation MultiBeam 700 can also be connected via the Wi-Fi settings on the iPhone or iPad. Once connected, the user will see the Harman Kardon speakers appear, after which they can easily connect with the password of the wireless network.

The Harman Kardon tower speakers also come with an HDMI-ARC input (for connecting to the TV), one optical input (an alternative connection port) and an analogue aux- input (to connect a source). Though most soundbars have their configured app for controlling settings and changes, with Citation, Harman Kardon opted for a newer approach- it chooses the Google platform for connection. This means that the MultiBeam 700 can be connected via the Google Home, and one can stream audio from Chromecast. The Chromecast function allows one to play almost all kinds of music quickly, and it also works through iOS devices.

Harman Kardon MultiBeam 700

Both AirPlay 2, as well as Chromecast, allow multiroom play. As such, one can play music simultaneously on the Harman Kardon citation bar MultiBeam 700 and other compatible speakers as well. The MultiBeam 700 gives excellent sound quality and can be adapted to any space. It is a technically sophisticated device, even though small in size. The textile-covered design covers the five drivers located at the front, and the sides have a large opening with a funnel shape that points well to the room. These MultiBeam drivers emit efficient quality sound diagonally to the sides so that the entire space is covered. According to Harman Kardon, this feature works best when there are walls located to the left and right around 1.5- 4.5 meters away. The MultiBeam 700 is perfect for use while watching movies, due to its excellent surround sound capabilities.

The Citation MultiBeam 700 is a stylish addition to any interior because of its compact size. The speakers perform well with their full appearance and excellent bass performance. The integration with Google Assistant and streaming through Chromecast and AirPlay 2 also brings good streaming options to the table. Though there are few negatives, they do not stand tall in front of the impressive sound and bass qualities of the Citation MultiBeam 700.