Merely a week ago, Samsung Electronics unveiled limited edition Galaxy S7 Edge to celebrate the spirits of Olympic Games Rio 2016. The South Korean tech behemoth serves as a Wireless Communications Equipment partner for Olympic 2016.

The Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games edition is now available for purchase in selected regions, which includes Korea, Germany, Brazil, China, and the United States. Samsung has reportedly released 2,016 limited edition Galaxy S7 Edge models in each nation.

Limited Edition Galaxy S7 Edge

Image: Limited Edition Galaxy S7 Edge, Image Credit: Samsung Newsroom

The company is offering 12,500 limited edition S7 Edge models along with recently unveiled cord-less Gear IconX earbuds to all Olympic Games 2016 athletes in collaboration with the IOC, International Olympic Committee.

As a worldwide partner for Olympic Games, the tech conglomerate first unveiled Olympic Games exclusive limited edition device in 1998 during Nagano Olympic Winter Games. However, this is the first time when Samsung has unveiled a device with Olympic themed design, preloaded with application and interface related to Olympic Games. The Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games edition smartphone incorporates phone’s design with the Olympic theme.

Limited Edition Galaxy S7 Edge Review

The latest Galaxy S7 Edge features a customized color pattern, which is designed in black, yellow, green, blue, and red, displaying Olympic Rings’ five colors. The model sports blue colored theme in sensors, flash, and camera, red colored theme in the power button, yellow colored theme in the home key and receiver, and green colored theme in the volume button. The entire device will arrive in black exteriors.

Galaxy S7 Limited Edition

Image Credit: Samsung Newsroom

Lock and home screen feature Olympic Rings’ colors as well. One can also find these colors in the notification bar, message, contacts screen and dial screen. Owners can adorn their handsets using Olympic motifs, selected from a choice of pre-loaded themed wallpapers of Rio 2016.

Limited Edition S7 Edge – Apps

3D App for Flags

Ahead of Olympic Games Rio 2016, the South Korean conglomerate has developed a latest 3D application for flags. Limited edition S7 Edge owners can launch this app that arrives pre-loaded on the handset, to select their preferred nation. Following this, they can display the flag of their choice of the country on the radiant screen of limited edition smartphone model. This feature is ideal for sports fans across the globe.

Galaxy S7 Edge

Image Credit: Samsung Newsroom

The Rio 2016 App

This app is developed by the company to offer 24/7 updates on Olympic Games Rio 2016 to fans, athletes, and smartphone owners. The app will undergo an update in early August to provide Olympic Games’ official schedule, details regarding events, venue, results, and medal counts. The updates will be offered in real-time. The app will be free to download. It will be available in leading app stores like App Store, Windows App Store, Samsung Galaxy Apps, Google Play, and selected popular Chinese App stores.

Limited Edition S7 Edge – Packaging

galaxy S7 EDge box

Image Credit: Samsung Newsroom

The phone is unique not only due to its exclusive nature, but also due to its packing. The packaging of the limited edition device is absolutely praiseworthy. The South Korean electronics behemoth has designed a carrier that resembles a pouch, which can be used in various ways. Also, it works a Rio 2016 Olympic Games souvenir. The re-usable packaging is eco-friendly as it significantly cuts down the waste generated by usual device packaging.