Health tech took the spotlight as CES 2022 primarily because of the Covid-19 crisis and its consequences. Many companies battle against this problem and these companies offer solutions that we all need in everyday life. 

This year, health tech CES showed us that companies can be united in the struggles of many people who want to live a more quality life. All kinds of options were presented, from the product for oral care to the apps for monitoring the overall health. 

You could find everything you need in your daily activities that can make you healthier. The Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall was full of interesting invitations and products that changed our perception of health.

The lineup of exhibitors included people who represented various health systems, like Smarthealth Ascension, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Providence Health. There were also representatives of different companies that provide care products, analytical systems, and health services. 

Many products were presented at the show, and some of them are truly remarkable. These can change the way we use our technology and these can also improve our health. To offer great support to the users, we present you with the top health tech products that gained much attention at CES 2022. 

health tech ascension

Image: Vivoo Health and Wellness App


This wellness tracker analyzes many health parameters by taking a portion of the user’s urine. Thanks to machine-learning algorithms and image processing, the users can track their health, and they can also understand their lifestyles better. This tracker can help individuals make smarter decisions, and this is all possible thanks to the suggestions about food and lifestyle. The users can track the information about urine pH level, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, hydration, and many other parameters. 

The Y-Brush

This toothbrush is made in France by professional dentists who wanted to make a universal toothbrush that will brush the teeth effectively. This toothbrush brushes your teeth in 10 seconds and it is a revolutionary product when it comes to dental care. There are 35,000 nylon bristles that remove the plaque and make the teeth protected. It adapts to the jaw and it comes in two versions, one for adults, and another one for kids. The product offers spotlight oral care solutions. 

health tech CES 2022

Image: Care Wear

Care Wear

This therapeutic product is approved by the FDA and European Union, and it is based on light therapy that can be helpful in treating soft tissue injury, wrinkles, and acne. When the device is connected to the digital health infrastructure, the users can communicate with clinicians through an app and the users can get the needed information about the health actions they need to take. This kind of technology can save many lives and it can emphasize the importance of risk prevention. 


This is AI-powered technology that is related to the Covid-19 detection, and it has supported the official plan for actions against the pandemic spread. When combined with other technologies and companies, Humetrix helps in the identification of populations that are at higher risk of getting Covid-19. It also monitors vaccination in different areas of the country. 

Every Dose

This company also uses AI-based technologies that make a difference in the lives of many users. In this case, the users can track their medication management and they can avoid struggles with missed medications, wrong medications, or other problems. With Every Dose, they can be sure that their medication management is adequate. 

All of these health tech solutions that we were able to see at CES 2022 are part of the bigger picture of CES 2022. This show is the ultimate place for technology advancements that we made as a united community all around the world. For that reason, the products, solutions, and services at this year’s CES were quite outstanding.