The Ray-Ban Meta glasses have decided to take the AI route, bringing new features and upgraded design styles. The Ray-Ban Meta style update has been a long time coming, making the most of a tech category that has been excruciatingly limited so far. Most smart glasses on the market may have spiked an initial interest in their potential, but their utility has been put to question ever since. The category doesn’t have too many contenders and while we might have seen options like the Xreal glasses and the Amazon Echo Frames, they have similar features that don’t necessarily fit into our daily lives. The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses with AI would be a huge improvement for the brand and renew interest in the device.

Ray-Ban Meta glasses multimodal features

Image: Ray-Ban Meta glasses

The Ray-Ban Meta AI Glasses Are Making a Comeback–Even Though They Never Really Left

The Ray-Ban Meta glasses flaunt multimodal AI features that can improve the possible uses of the devices. Connecting back to the Meta universe, specifically WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the camera on the Ray-Ban AI wearables can be used via the app to show someone else what they see. Users can share their point-of-view with others on a call made via these apps, which might be a great way to connect with friends and family when you’re out traveling and want to bring them along for the experience. 

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses’ AI integration will also allow users to ask the Meta AI a question and show the AI the context for it. If you want to look at the plant in front of you and identify what you’re looking at, the AI can do it for you. Similarly, if you’re out in a new country and need a signboard translated, the camera can do the looking while the glasses do the talking and tell you what you need to know. If it sounds like familiar technology, it’s because the Google lens on your phone can already achieve what the Ray-Ban Meta glasses’ multimodal features are offering. However, this might be a quicker alternative instead of having to pull out your phone every time. 

According to 9to5Google, the feature has been in testing since last year but it’s finally ready for a more widespread launch. The best part about this update is that those who already have the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses don’t need to buy a new one to try the AI—those in the U.S. and Canada will get the update on their existing devices. Once the device receives the update, all you need to do is put them on, yell “Hey Meta, look and…,” and you then get to ask the AI your questions. Speaking instead of yelling will probably get the job done just fine too.

Ray-Ban Meta Style Update—We Don’t Have to Stick to Black

Meta is a tech company through and through, but Ray-Bans are a designer brand that has established itself as an expert in redefining classic styles. Combining the two means that despite all of the tech features that get packed into the glasses, the Ray-Ban AI wearables remain uncontented in terms of style. Keeping in line with this design philosophy, new frames were also introduced along with the AI features, the Skyler and Headliners frames are now available for preorder. 

In our humble opinion, the Snap Inc. Spectacles series still has some of the coolest-looking smart glasses we’ve seen. They’re stylish but still don’t look as excessive as walking around wearing the Vision Pro headset. The problem with those though, is that they look very obviously like smart glasses—or at least edgy glasses that demand some attention. The Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses have a range of options for whether you want sunglasses or something more suited for daily wear, which makes them a better investment overall. 

With the Apple Music support integrated in there, you now have a handy pair of headphones and an AI assistant while you’re on the go. The Ray-Ban Meta glasses’ multimodal features were a much-needed upgrade to the device and should boost the already good sales year the second generation device has been seeing since launch. All we want to know is are you considering getting your hands on the refreshed Ray-Ban Meta AI glasses?