The IFA tech show, legitimately identified as the “Internationale Funkausstellung”, has been an annual event held in Berlin, Germany, since its inception in 1924. Just as CES dominates over the States, Berlin’s IFA serves as one of the world’s most distinguishable tech trade shows for consumer electronics and household appliances. The IFA 2023 opened its doors to the populace on September 1st, set to run its course through the weekend till September 5th. With the IFA Berlin 2023 geared up for the announcements of some of the best consumer tech products, we curated a list of the product unveils that were made, leading up to the first day of the tech show. 

IFA 2023: The Most Happening Tech Products

The IFA Berlin 2023 has amassed a reputation of being a tech trade show for “Smart homes”. The preceding year’s event transpired on the eve of Matter’s launch – the certification labs that push all the contemporaries to develop a universal standard to make products that work together in any ecosystem. All the product announcements in Berlin’s 2022 tech show pertained to pledging support to the standard. 

One of the best aspects of Berlin’s IFA tech show is that companies like Dolby Atmos use it as a platform to unveil an early look into tech products which almost always get an official release later. It retains the air of mystery that a futuristic tech product would bring and creates enough rife amidst the techverse.  

Without further ado, here are some of the most-loved tech products of IFA 2023. 

IFA 2023 Brings You: Belkin’s Wireless Charger

Embracing the new magnetically-enhanced Qi2 standard, Belkin’s wireless chargers were announced at Berlin’s IFA 2023 tech show. The pair of new products include the BoostCharge Convertible Qi2 Wireless Pad to Stand and the BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with Qi2. The convertible model can work in two ways: like a traditional Qi pad and like a stand that holds a phone upright for charging (great for iPhone’s new StandBy feature). The 3-in-1 pad has one 15W and one 5W charging pad and is also equipped with a USB-C port for charging a third device. 

Belkin's wireless charger

Featuring Belkin’s wireless charger, the BoostCharge Pro. (Image Courtesy – Belkin)

Belkin’s wireless chargers with Qi2 standard are decreed to be ‘MagSafe-compatible’, which generally means that MagSafe iPhones charge at 7.5W in lieu of 15W. But Belkin’s Head of Product Marketing, Mark Robinson had something else to say at Berlin’s IFA 2023 show. 

“The Qi2 chargers will be able to charge MagSafe iPhones and any Qi2 compatible device at a full 15W power.”

Apart from Belkin’s wireless chargers, there are many other accessories also being announced at the IFA tech show. An interesting product would be Belkin’s hybrid charger – that’s both a wall charger and a power bank (with USB-A and USB-C ports).

Other devices include BoostCharge Pro Universal Easy Align Wireless Charging Pad 15W (that’s a quite long name?!), Connect 5-in-1 Thunderbolt 4 Hub, and Belkin’s BoostCharge Pro 140W 4-Port GaN Wall Charger. 

Solar Bluetooth Speakers Are Heating Up The Game: Urbanista At IFA Tech Show

It hasn’t been easy for Urbanista to show off the new Solar Bluetooth speakers at Berlin’s IFA 2023, despite being privy to the tech of their two new solar-powered headphones. The solar-powered Bluetooth speakers named ‘Malibu’ had to face a host of difficulties to overcome ahead of its release later this month. 

“Truly wireless headphones are straightforward in terms of efficient power consumption. But the solar Bluetooth speaker [Malibu] consumes exponentially more when you think about the volume that an average Bluetooth speaker plays versus headphones.”

Urbanista hasn’t approached its solar-powered Bluetooth speaker as a dauntless task of putting some solar-absorbent material on an existing device and calling it a day.

Solar Bluetooth Speakers

The Malibu is Urbanista’s solar-powered Bluetooth speaker. (Image Courtesy – Urbanista)

The company’s director, Marten Sahlen explained the process of how Urbanista spends time in making the products more power efficient so that they can reap the maximum benefit from solar power. 

Three Mophie Wireless Chargers Announced At IFA 2023

During the IFA Berlin 2023 event, Mophie unveiled its forthcoming lineup of wireless chargers for smartphones, of which all are compatible with the Qi2 standard and boast a 15W charging capacity. 

Mophie’s wireless chargers include the Snap Plus Powerstation Mini Stand priced at $69.95, the Snap Plus 3-in-1 Stand priced at $129.95, and the Snap Plus Wireless Charging Vent Mount, also priced at $69.95. The new chargers are set to hit the market later this year.

While Mophie’s announcement does not explicitly mention the iPhone, there are speculations that Apple may introduce support for 15W wireless charging (non-MagSafe) with the iPhone 15. This aligns with the second generation of Qi technology, which incorporates Apple’s input specifications and features a similar magnet layout. 

IFA Berlin 2023 Launches Roborock’s Latest Vacuum

Roborock is a renowned robot vacuum manufacturer that has displayed three new vacuum products at the global tech show of IFA in Berlin. Roborock’s latest vacuums are lidar-powered robot vacuums that are listed as the Q8 Max Robot Vac, the Dyad Pro Combo wet/dry stick vacuum, and the Q5 Pro Robot Vac. 

Roborock vacuums at IFA 2023

The Q5 series of Roborock vacuums at IFA 2023. (Image Courtesy – Roborock)

These vacuums from Roborock double the suction power befalling its predecessors. Apart from these distinct features, the latest Roborock vacuums come with a more advanced DuoRoller brush system and are powered with app features at unfathomably low prices. The new ‘fast-cleaning’ option in the app works 30 percent faster and allows the user to ordain a specific direction to clean along. 

The Dyad Pro can convert into a stick vacuum from the usual, presented as one of Roborock’s multifunctional vacuums. The Q8 Max and the upgraded Q5 Pro are the first Roborock vacuums outside of their top-of-the-line lineup that have adopted the new DuoRoller brush systems. The DuoRoller brush system bears two rubber brushes that move in opposite directions for cleaning more efficiently. 

Yale Home Security System Comes To IFA Tech Show

At the Berlin IFA 2023, Yale introduced a fresh lineup of home security products tailored specifically for the European market. Alongside a new video doorbell, Yale has unveiled the next generation of its smart alarm system and also new indoor and outdoor smart cameras, all seamlessly compatible with its line of smart locks.

Yale’s home security system includes a Smart Video Doorbell, with which one can maintain vigilance over their doorstep through 1080p video footage and a wide 154-degree field of view. 

The device is available in both wired and wireless configurations, featuring two-way audio communication, real-time viewing, and night vision capabilities. The home security system from Yale ensures that the user receives prompt notifications when motion is detected or when someone rings the doorbell. The Smart Video Doorbell is priced at £129.99 / €159.99.

Honor V Purse: Fold It Like Fashion In IFA 2023

What if foldables were envisioned to look more like fashion accessories? Alongside Honor’s latest foldable phone, the Honor Magic V2, the company unveiled a groundbreaking concept phone, the Honor V Purse, at IFA Berlin 2023. 

Honor V Purse IFA 2023

Unveiling the Honor V Purse at Berlin’s IFA 2023. (Image Courtesy – Honor)

The Honor V Purse serves as a captivating showcase of the possibilities within the smartphone-verse of foldables. However, Honor has yet to confirm whether it will bring this concept to market as a tangible product. Comparatively, the company has expressed its intentions for a global release of the Magic V2 no later than early 2024, albeit official pricing brackets for markets outside of China remain undisclosed.

The visionary design of Honor V Purse comprises a collection of interchangeable straps and chains that can be affixed to the foldable device, transforming it into a versatile purse or handbag accessory. Furthermore, the Honor V Purse employs an outward-facing display to exhibit a variety of wallpapers, each mimicking different purse styles. The foldable smartphone incorporates a convenient button for unlocking and unfolding the display, and when folded, it maintains a slim profile, measuring less than 9mm in thickness.

However, traditional folding phone screens are delicate and prone to damage, which is why they are typically protected within the device. While Honor states that the V Purse’s hinge can endure the same 400,000 folds as the Magic V2, the risk of scratches or scuffs on the exposed display remains a concern.

Lenovo’s Legion 9i and Legion Go Went Wild At Berlin’s IFA 2023

Imagine a gaming laptop that doesn’t just rely on traditional air cooling but uses a sophisticated water-based cooling system with a powerful pump. There you go. Lenovo has done it again. Bringing an ostentatious gaming laptop lineup with Lenovo Legion 9i, experts believe that Lenovo loves to play wild. 

Lenovo is raising the gaming laptop bar to exhilarating heights with its upcoming Legion 9i, set to hit the market this October. Starting at a bold $4,399 (just $4k, nothing wild), this gaming powerhouse is not for the faint of heart – its features make every penny worthwhile.

Lenovo Legion 9i IFA 2023

Lenovo’s Legion 9i is packed with incredible features.(Image Courtesy – Lenovo)

At the heart of the Legion 9i lies a breakthrough. The Lenovo Legion 9i is the world’s first 16-inch gaming laptop equipped with a self-contained liquid-cooling system. This innovation allows it to handle massive thermal loads, enabling the 9i to harness up to an incredible 230W of power, promising an unrivaled gaming experience that defies convention.

In a world where handheld gaming PCs are cropping up left and right, the electronics maker steps onto the scene with the Lenovo Legion Go, a Windows-powered gaming handheld that promises to be a game-changer. 

What truly sets the Legion Go apart is its versatility. Just like the Nintendo Switch, the controllers can be detached, adding a dynamic layer to your gaming experience. But unlike its competitors, the Legion Go embraces the full potential of Windows, offering a wealth of controls including a touchpad, designed to optimize your gaming and multitasking endeavors. With a starting price of $699, Lenovo has its sights set on matching the affordability of the ROG Ally while providing a unique Windows gaming experience that stands out in this burgeoning market.