Want to stay updated about the travel details and information when you’re on air? If your answer is yes, then you need to have the ‘App in the Air’ on your smartphone. This application is the personal travel assistant for frequent flyers and travellers. In the current global situation where Coronavirus has messed up the travel industry and flights been cancelled and rescheduled, the App in the Air is a boon.

When travellers need to ensure that they have all the correct information for dealing with travel issues, they can use this app. The application has an updated and compiled list of airline links with tips and knowledge to make the processes of getting travel information easier for the travellers. Makers of this app are also making the premium version of App in the Air available for everyone till April 30th. This premium version would help travellers who are facing difficulties or are stuck in airports. With the information in the application, the travellers can keep their loved ones updated about their status, apart from sending their real-time flight and hotel updates.

People need to download the app to avail of the facilities and information. The App in the Air has the following facilities for the travellers:

  • Travellers can subscribe to friends and family to and keep them updated
  • Travellers can receive real-time notifications about their flights and hotels
  • Travellers can get offline notifications if they lose Wi-fi or data connection
  • Travellers can connect with nearby users for discussing airport and airline situations

The App in the Air is a boon for the people living out of a suitcase. The application effectively tracks the itineraries, boarding passes, as well as frequent-flier programs of the user. The person needs to input the number of flights, and they can effectively track boarding and landing times, along with current waits for check-in, security as well as customs. Additionally, travellers will also get access to tips and information from other travellers for varied issues like which airport coffee shop to walk in and about the places in any airport to charge the phone.

The App in the Air is an all flight detail tool in one click app! The user can also sync the email account with the app and connect it to gather information about reservations from the person’s calendar and mailbox. After that, the phone displays information about upcoming flights and details. Information like how long the person has to wait until check-in, the weather of the destination, and so on.

The App in the Air allows users to check in to their flights, record expenses, and gather information about airport lounges. The app also sets reminders to remind travellers about their baggage allowance. For sociable travellers, the app informs about any friend or associate who is flying nearby, the statistics and details about their flights. These details include how many hours the friend has spent on air and so on. The App in the Air makes travelling an enjoyable experience and keeps track of the scores of traveller. There is also a worldwide leader board and AR (augmented reality) globe where the user can view the flights they have taken.

The App in the air is an excellent app for travellers has to stay updated and aware of flights and situations across the globe.