The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to start getting into the spirit of things! Whether you’re looking for a way to get into the mood or are just feeling nostalgic, this post will explore how technology and the internet have changed Christmas. We’ll explore what Christmas was like in years past and how it has evolved; we’ll also take a look at some of our favorite technologies that make the holiday season special.

Christmas Gifting

Technology has changed the way we buy things for Christmas. In the past, you would need to get to a store to get one big gift for family members or friends, and that was it! Nowadays, people are buying several smaller gifts because of how expensive they have become to purchase online.

You can purchase more oversized items like video game consoles cheaper in stores, but some still prefer to wait until after Christmas when prices go down on big-ticket items.

Thus, technology has affected our shopping habits during the holiday seasons, which everyone should consider before looking for presents this year!

technology and internet in Christmas

It is no hidden secret that technology has changed the customary Christmas celebration.

Christmas Shopping

You can buy what you want from anywhere in the world through the internet, and It’s never been this easy before. Shopping has made an incredible transformation thanks to new devices that allow online purchasing anytime/anywhere and improved internet access through smartphones & tablets.

Technology such as handheld devices, tablets, computers, and other mobile devices have allowed people to shop with them wherever they go.

The tradition of buying presents for your loved ones might not be as common anymore because you can get everything online with just one click. The internet and technology have made it easier for people to find deals on the things they want and allow them to stay connected with other family members worldwide.

The internet has also made it less stressful to keep abreast of the latest news and information and shop more easily for gifts.

Christmas Communication

Connecting with family is now even easier over long distances – send a text message or call someone across the globe instantly rather than waiting days/weeks for an international phone call.

Technology also allows you to better keep up with all the latest news and events. Christmas communication technology has made it easier for people living far away from each other, especially during the festive season when families are often separated by distance due to work commitments, etc.

Nowadays, there are various ways to communicate – email, phone calls (video & voice), social media, skype, etc. For those who can still not connect with their loved ones over the phone or video calls, there are now even more ways to catch up on Christmas together just by watching a movie!

Christmas Decorations

For example, one can now turn their smartphone into a remote control for decorations like an inflatable Santa Claus, which lights up when you press it? Or how about controlling your light show with an app on your phone? Christmas lights have evolved thanks to technology as now you can use led Christmas lights that consume less power and can last longer than traditional bulbs making them more energy efficient.

Using LED lightings for decorations helps save money on your electricity bills too! An added advantage with newer technologies like smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home speakers is that they allow customizing holiday lighting using voice commands instead of picking up switches manually all around the house.

Christmas Trees

The traditional Christmas tree is slowly dying out, even though many people love having one in their home till this year because they want to keep these traditions alive.

It’s not unusual that you would find a tree with different colors on but more than likely, there will be lights or other decorations online which look like something else entirely, if you know what I mean.

The tradition of owning a real Christmas tree in your house will probably continue for many years to come. Still, there’s no denying that more people are going away from this because they want something different, which might mean using their phones or playing with apps on something else.

Although most families still enjoy keeping these traditions alive, you’re bound to bump into someone who doesn’t even know what an old-fashioned Christmas is anymore.


It is no hidden secret that technology has changed the customary Christmas celebration. Of course, technology and Christmas have been together for a long time. However, only now do we begin to realize how much our lives are affected by both. The internet provides us with all kinds of information about everything – from baking cookies to buying presents online, decorating your home, or even going on a trip somewhere.

In addition, we can stay in touch with friends and family members through social media sites like Facebook or email. And it is much easier to find out what people want for Christmas now that there are all kinds of gift registry options available online.