PayPal is an easy service for sending and receiving money, and sometimes, it is too easy to make a transaction. During this process, you can make a mistake and send the money to the wrong person, or you can make a mistake with the amount that you want to send. 

If this happens, you usually wonder how to cancel a PayPal transaction. There are a few ways to cancel PayPal payment, and we reveal these options here. Keep reading to find out more. 

Can I Cancel a PayPal Payment?

This question arises every time you want to cancel PayPal payment, and you should know the best solutions to this problem. 

First of all, you should log into your PayPal account and then, you should click the “Activity” button on the top menu. At this point, you will see a list of all your past transactions. You can narrow the transactions by date or type, and you can find the transactions that you want to cancel. 

If it is possible to cancel the selected transaction, you will see a “Cancel” link next to the transaction. When you click on this link, you will be sent to the confirmation page where you should select “Cancel Payment”. In this manner, you will cancel the payment and the money will be on your account. 

PayPal payments PayPal transactions

PayPal features have the best options if you have sent the money to wrong person.

It is important to mention that you can cancel only those transactions that are under the “Pending” status or the “Unclaimed” labeling. These two options are found on the list of the transactions on your PayPal account, and you should find these transactions if you wonder how to cancel pending PayPal payment. 

There are several reasons why the transactions end up with some of these two statuses. The most popular reason is the wrong email address. If you send money to a non-existent email address, the transaction will not be completed. 

At the same time, if a vendor wants to manually confirm the transaction, this transaction will be under the unresolved status until the confirmation. 

It is good to know that PayPal automatically refunds the pending and unclaimed transactions, and it all happens after a period of 30 days. That means that you do not have to cancel the payments manually if you do not want to. You can simply wait for 30 days until PayPal refunds your money back. 

How to Cancel a Recurring Payment on PayPal

It is easy to cancel a recurring payment on PayPal. These kinds of payments are future and automatic payments that will happen on the selected days. You can cancel these payments in a few simple steps. 

You should log into your PayPal account and find the “Summary” button on the top navigation bar. Then, click on “Pre-approved payments.” You will see an option called “Manage pre-approved payments.” 

Next, you will see a list of all pre-approved payments that are waiting for your action. You will see a cancel option next to the pre-approved payment, and you should click on the “Cancel payment” when the popup window appears. 

How to Cancel PayPal Subscriptions

You can cancel a PayPal subscription in a few simple steps. These are the needed solutions to cancel your subscription plan. 

  1. Log into your PayPal account 
  2. Tap the username button in the top right area
  3. Choose Account Settings 
  4. Select Money, banks, and cards
  5. Then choose Set automatic payments 
  6. You will see a list of subscriptions
  7. Select the subscription and click Cancel

Final Words 

Now you know how to cancel a PayPal transaction. You can rest assured that your next PayPal transaction will not give you a headache. Now you know the important steps to cancel PayPal payment before it’s too late.