One can change the Apple ID through the iPhone’s settings. It is easier to change the Apple ID on an iPhone with a few easy steps. An Apple ID should be replaced if a user has stopped using the email account that they’ve been using as their Apple ID, or for any number of other reasons. Though it is not essential to have an Apple ID to use an iPhone, however, without an Apple ID, a user wouldn’t get the most out of their phone. The user would require an Apple ID to unlock some of the most convenient features of the iPhone. The Apple ID allows the user to download free apps from the App Store easily and also, Facetime, among other things.

How To Change Your Apple ID

change Apple ID

change apple id email

When a user first sets up the iPhone (or any other Apple device), they are prompted to enter their Apple ID. If the user doesn’t have an Apple ID, they can create it at any time. A user should have only one Apple ID. The Apple ID is an email address of the user and can be an Apple email address like,, or Or, a change Apple ID can also be and email address like or any third-party email address linked to the phone. If a user stops using the email account that is also their Apple ID, they should change the Apple ID. Otherwise, they might account verification requests or other crucial information from Apple. A user can change their Apple ID on the Apple devices or their computer.

Changing Your Apple ID

Before changing the Apple ID on the iPhone, it is essential to log out of all devices and everywhere they might have logged in using that Apple ID. This includes their iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and Apple HomePod, among others. One should stay signed in on the iPhone. Once a user has changed my Apple ID, they would need to log back in on all the devices using their new ID.

Change Apple ID

If the Apple ID is an Apple email address like (,, or, they will have to change the Apple ID online at appleid(dot)apple(dot)com. The user can switch to other emails that are aliases of their Apple ID email address in the account.

Following are steps to change the Apple ID through iPhone’s settings:

  • Tap the Settings icon.
  • Tap the name on Settings. The Settings appears near the top of the screen (it would feature Apple ID under the name).
  • Choose Name, Phone Numbers, Email.
  • Where it highlights as Reachable At, click the blue Edit button.
  • A red minus sign appears next to the Apple ID, click the red minus.
  • A screen will pop up where one can choose to Cancel or Continue. Choose Continue.
  • The user will get a screen where they can enter a new email address. This email address will become their new Apple ID. Also, change Apple ID password.
  • Look for a confirmation email at the new email address. The user will have to verify the email to complete the change in their Apple ID.

How To Reset Apple ID

If a user changes their Apple ID change to an Apple email address like (,, or, they wouldn’t be able to change it back to a third-party email address in the future. The third email address the user has used before will appear on the Apple ID account as an additional email. While editing the Apple ID, the user can also add or remove phone numbers and email addresses from their account.

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