How do I stop my iPhone from getting hot? How to cool down an iPhone that is getting hot. There are many ways you can cool down an overheating iPhone. You can stop overheating the iPhone by restarting it, closing apps, or removing the charging cable. If your iPhone is in direct sunlight or other hot conditions, you should remove it right away, to cool down the iPhone. You can also update the software, limit processor-intensive tasks, and enable Low Power Mode.

How to Cool Down iPhone That Is Getting Too Hot?

When you ask yourself, how do I stop my iPhone from getting hot, look at your phone, you’ll see a number of warning signs. It will feel hot to the touch, but you may also notice that it’s running slower, the display has gone black, it’s failing to charge, or the camera is refusing to take pictures.

You may even get a temperature warning splash screen if the iPhone is getting too hot. When this warning appears, you can only make emergency calls till you cool down iPhone.

Heat is not good for your iPhone, and it can damage internal components, especially the battery and processor, if you leave it running hot for too long.

Why does my iPhone get hot?

If you want to stop iPhone from overheating do not leave your phone outside if it’s hot and keep your iPhone away from direct sunlight or in the car, as there are chances it will get hot.

The iPhone overheating can also happen if it is running too many apps, or other processor-intensive functions.

How to cool down iPhone?

When you notice your iPhone has gotten too hot, acting quickly is the best way to avoid damage to its internal components. So to answer the question of how do I stop my iPhone from getting hot, let’s look at the various options

Closing all apps

Lightening the processor’s workload can prevent it from generating excess heat and draining the battery too quickly. So closing all apps should be the first thing you do.

Restarting your iPhone

If you don’t have the time or patience to close out your apps, you can simply restart your iPhone this will close all open apps automatically.

Use airplane mode

One more way in how to cool down iPhone is using airplane mode. Being constantly connected to the internet can be the source of the overheating issue you’re experiencing.

Turning off background refresh

Apple’s Background Refresh feature lets apps that you aren’t actively using can also help cool down iPhone.

Updating iPhone

One more way to stop iPhone overheating is by making sure you’re always running the latest version of iOS, as it comes with performance improvements that can prevent your phone from overheating.

Turning on auto-brightness

When your brightness is too high, it can deplete your battery and cause your phone to get hot. Turing on auto brightness will also help to stop iPhone from overheating.

Using Low Power Mode

The longer your screen is awake, the more heat your phone generates, and the more battery power you lose. This also help to cool down iPhone.

Remove it from the heat source

Whether you left it in direct sunlight or in a hot car, remove the iPhone immediately to stop the internal temperature from continuing to rise.

Take off the case and fan the phone

While your iPhone is cooling down, remove it from its case to increase airflow the case can trap heat and prevent it from dissipating quickly. While you’re at it, fan your iPhone or place it somewhere cool to help get the heat out quicker.

Reset your iPhone

If you find that your iPhone’s still getting too hot after trying the steps mentioned above, you should try resetting the phone to return it to its factory settings.

Get your iPhone repaired

Sending your iPhone in for repairs should be the last resort after trying all of the steps above, and your iPhone is still overheating. You could potentially have a hardware problem that requires an expert to open your phone up to fix.

Some more ways for how to cool down iPhone are when you’re sleeping, avoid putting the phone under your pillow, especially if you’re charging it, as the pillow will block the heat from leaving.

You might want to keep the phone away from other heat-producing devices as well to prevent exchanging of heat. If your iPhone must be near them, make sure they are switched off.

The above points will help to answer your questions on how to cool down iPhone? or how do I stop my iPhone from getting hot? You should take the fact that your iPhone is overheating quite seriously as it might even result in permanent damage to your valuable iPhone and of course, we do not want that, do we?