The release of the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 15 series made quite an entrance, but not without some drama of its own. Apple iPhone 15’s reveal was followed by widespread reports of issues such as draining battery and overheating in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. It had overshadowed the iPhone 15 launch itself, raising eyebrows among users and tech enthusiasts alike. 

But don’t fret because, in the world of tech, even the hottest problems have a way of cooling down. Apple’s got a fix in the pipeline, and while you wait, remember, when life hands you an overheating iPhone 15, just chill out, turn it off, and give it a breather. 

Overheating in iPhone 15

Are you too facing Apple iPhone 15’s overheating issue? (Image Courtesy – Apple)

While only some may have experienced their iPhone 15 Pro overheating, many experts have weighed in on the causes and consequences of overheating problems affiliated with the iPhone 15 lineup. How is Apple addressing these concerns with their latest flagship devices? How to fix the iPhone 15 overheating issue? Technowize has dissected the potential factors interpolating with this issue.

Overheating In iPhone 15: Apple’s Take

History is a testament to Apple’s new iPhones and new iOS releases being prone to bugs and issues that are in some way fixed by subsequent iOS updates. 

A few early adopters of the much-hyped iPhone 15 series had reportedly complained of the depth of the overheating in the iPhone 15 that they were not even able to hold their phone to make a call. 

After first deflecting the users’ opinions as a ‘one-in-a-million’ issue of software, the tech giant gradually accepted the folly that some iPhone 15 devices were getting extremely hot when in use or even by just being charged. The iPhone maker clarified that the hardware design of the new lineup was not responsible for overheating in iPhone 15.

“We have identified a few conditions which can cause the iPhone 15 to run warmer than expected. The device may feel warmer during the first few days after setting up or restoring, due to increased background activity.”

– Apple spokesperson to Forbes

Potential Theories Of Why The iPhone 15 Pro Is Overheating

Apple has pointed the finger at a potential iOS 17 bug and .. drumroll some third-party apps like Instagram, Asphalt 9, and Uber for the iPhone 15 Pro overheating unexpectedly. 

These apps’ recent updates to support iOS 17 may have overloaded the iPhone 15’s A17 Pro chip CPU. Meta Platforms had previously addressed some of the overheating issues surfacing due to the latest September update of Instagram.

“We have also found a bug in iOS 17 that is impacting some users and will be addressed in a software update. We’re also working with the app developers on fixes that are in the process of rolling out.”

Another theory of overheating in the iPhone 15 points to fast charging of the iPhones. Overheating is a generic given if a 65W USB PD GaN charger is used while a 15W USB PD charger eliminates the same (although the charging time increases). 

Apple has recommended its users to be mindful of the quality of the USB-C power adapters they use to charge the iPhone 15 Pro. According to the tech giant, chargers larger than 20W may owe to overheating the iPhone 15 Pro while charging. 

Many thermal imaging are evidentiary to the heat being concentrated around the A17 Pro chip. Yet not many thermal readings can find the origin of the heat. The iPhone 15 overheating could also be attributed to the titanium chassis, which dissipates the heat more and impacts the thermal efficiency negatively. Many tech enthusiasts believe that the problem may lie in the compromises that Apple made to the iPhone 15’s thermal system design to achieve a lighter weight.

How To Fix The iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Issue?

Apple has announced that the next update that will fix the iPhone 15 overheating issue is under works and will be released soon. Apple began testing the iOS 17.1 update on Wednesday, albeit a fix may arrive with the iOS 17.0.3 update as well.  

Yet there are some ways you try to cool down an iPhone 15 that is brimming in heat. 

  • The fastest way to stop your iPhone 15 Pro from overheating is to turn it off completely and give a waiting period to let the device come down to normal temperature on its own. Any hastening process of putting the iPhone into a refrigerator or ice box could damage the battery (from extreme heat to extreme cold, surely causing a shock).
  • One could try using different charging options. Charging could diversify the performance of the iPhone 15. Another hardware or wireless charging could change the game, albeit be sure to check with any official Apple store. 
  • If you experience overheating in your iPhone, keep an eye on charging temperatures and pull the plug on the charging if the issue persists. Wait for a while before trying any of the causes that could result in overheating your iPhone and permanently damaging it. 

The iPhone 15 release had been expected to exceed the standard for innovation and performance. Yet, some tech glitches are always around. Apple may have to shift the gears to fast-forward in resolving the overheating iPhone 15 issue, or else they might not just damage some users’ devices but also their hard-earned reputation.