Like every year, Apple has finally announced the next version of its mobile operating system iOS 14 at its recent Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. The new version comes up with exciting and fun-filled features as it imagines its iconic experience to be more helpful and personal. With features like redesigned Widgets and Smart Stack option, App Library, picture-in-picture mode, etc., it has created a different aesthetic for itself.

However, as of now, this update is only available for software developers as it is a beta version. There is also a public beta version that would be made available in July and the final software update version likely in September. The developer preview of iOS 14 is open to Apple Developer Program members at Apple’s developer site. These beta versions are the pre-release testing programs that every update has to go through before the final launch.


Precautionary Notes

Note that this iOS 14 beta can only be downloaded on iPhone 6s or above models. As the name suggests, the beta version may have a few bugs or crashes which are expected to be fixed and polished with subsequent updates. So, if you have a compatible model and wish to go ahead with the update it is essential to back up your iPhone, or, better, use a secondary iPhone and not your regular primary device. This is necessary to make sure that you do not lose any valuable data while the beta is installing and you can go back to your last version whenever you want, in case you do not like your new software update.

Steps to download iOS 14 Beta

  • Downloading the iOS 14 developer beta involves you registering as an Apple developer and paying $99/£79 a year.
  • After this step, to install the beta version, in Safari on your iPhone, you need to go to and log in using your Apple ID. Then, go to the Downloads section, select iOS 14 beta and tap Install Profile, then Accept.
  • Once the profile is downloaded, open the Settings app > General > Profile, then select the profile Downloaded (a new option which should appear), then click the profile chosen. Tap Install in the top-right to install the iOS 14 beta profile.
  • Read the developer consent form, give your consent and restart your iPhone.
  • Now, go to Settings > General > Software Update, where you should see the iOS 14 beta. Tap Download and Install. Wait for your iPhone to finish downloading the update, then tap Install when prompted. Now, since the update is nearly 5GB, it will take some time to download. Once the steps work correctly, your iPhone should be able to be run the iOS 14 beta.

Developer or Public Beta

Before public betas start to roll out, there is only the developer version available. However, if you’re not a developer, but you still want to install the developer beta, you will have to find and download a copy of the iOS 14 beta profile on a non-Apple site for example Google. Once you’ve downloaded the profile, you can install the beta using the same method listed above by opening the Settings app.

  • Once the public beta is launched, you need to follow the below instructions to install it on your iPhone.
  • Sign Up on the Apple Beta page and register with your Apple ID. Then, Log in to the Beta Software Program.
  • Enroll your iOS device. In case you signed up for a previous version’s beta last year you may need to uninstall the profile for that and re-enroll for the new one.
  • Go to on your iOS device and download and install the configuration profile. That will make the beta version available in the Settings app, under General, Software Update.
  • Until the launch of the final version this fall, we hope this suffices as a guide to install the currently available beta version.