If you wonder how to recover deleted text messages on Android, you are at the right place. Here we explain how to retrieve deleted text messages on your Android phone

You have a few options and each of them is described below. See how you can apply some of the best recover text messages Android solutions. 

Restore via Google backup

First of all, start with the easiest solutions. If you wonder how to recover deleted texts on Android, you should use a Google backup option

You can restore the backup by following these steps:

  • Open Google Drive on the Android phone
  • Click on the three lines button located in the top right corner
  • Choose the “Backups” option from the menu
  • See if your data has been backed up

Now, you can access the other device to restore the backed-up data. In this case, you should follow the needed steps:

  • Sign in with your Google account on a different phone 
  • When the process of device setting up occurs, choose the “Restore” option
  • Then complete the setup process and access the message folder

If this process does not help, you should try other options to recover deleted text messages on Android. You can use third-party services. In this case, you can retrieve the messages and get them back when you need them the most. 

how to recover deleted text messages

Use Google drive or FonePaw to recover deleted text messages easily.

Restore via third-party apps

One of the best third-party apps that you can use to retrieve text messages on Android is the FonePaw app. With this app, you can easily recover the messages. All you need to do is follow the below steps:

  • Download the app on your computer 
  • Connect Android to the computer by the USB cable 
  • Then, launch Android Data Recovery on a computer
  • The program will enable the USB debugging on your Android phone
  • After this step, you will be asked to recover data from the Android phone. During this step, you should choose what kind of data you want to recover. These could be messages, photos, or contacts. Choose messages.
  • Then, install the FonePaw app on your phone by using a USB connection
  • Give permission to Android Data Recovery to access your deleted data and click “Allow” when this question arises
  • Tap on Scan Authorized Files
  • If you do not see the messages that you want to recover, click on Deep Scan. After this deep scan, you should retrieve the messages. If you want to see only the deleted messages, turn on the option “Only display the deleted items”
  • Select the messages that you want to recover, and click on the “Recover” button 

In this manner, you should have your messages recovered. There is no better option to restore messages than using the third-party app. In this case, the FonePaw app provides safe and proven effectiveness in recovering deleted messages from your Android phone. 

How to retrieve & restore text messages on Android

If you wonder how to retrieve deleted text messages on Android, now you know the two most effective ways to do so. It is very important to do the necessary steps that were described above. You should not miss any step in the process. 

Lost text messages Android situations are very common, and once you delete your messages, there is no option to find them on your phone without using external apps. In this case, you should use Google Drive or an app like FonePaw. 

Now you know how to recover deleted texts on Android. If it happens that you delete messages, you should not panic because there is a way to retrieve the deleted messages on your Android phone. It is now more simple than you thought in the beginning.