We all know how important our contacts are. If we accidentally lose them, there might be chances that we can never retrieve them back. However, there are ways to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone, and we present to you here the best ways to do it. 

You will find out what to do when your contacts are lost and what actions to take to retrieve them back. Keep reading to find out more. 

Use an iCloud backup to restore deleted contacts 

This might be the simplest method of restoring contacts from an iPhone, but it is also the riskiest one because you will delete all of the data from your phone and you will bring it back to the factory settings. 

recover deleted contacts

In most situations, your iPhone makes backups if you permit it to do so. During the last backup, your phone saved some information. You can check out and see what information is saved on the phone. When you overwrite your phone, you will lose all the data that was stored in the phone after the backup. 

To avoid this situation, you should make a copy of the data that was stored after the last backup. You can do this action to save the contacts that were lost and the process is not that simple, but you can still try to save as much as you can. Just follow the needed steps:

1. Go to Settings, and open General 

2. Then tap on Storage & iCloud Usage, and choose Manage Storage. You will get a list of all available backups in your iCloud. Here, you should search for the date stamps in your iCloud backups that contain all your contacts. Make sure that you save all the data before you go to factory settings. 

3. To go back to factory settings, you should click on General, then Reset, and Erase all Content and Settings. Your phone will erase all data and it will be set up as it was new. Follow the steps, and once you are asked to recover the data from the last backup, select the correct backup that you will restore. 

With this method, you will be able to restore the contacts, but you will lose the other data. If you want to apply this method, make sure that you’ve saved the data before. 

Use iTunes backup to restore deleted contacts 

This is another effective way to retrieve deleted contacts on the iPhone. However, it comes with a few downsides. You need to make backups of your iPhone while using iTunes. These backups are not stored in a cloud, but these are usually on the hard disc of your PC or Mac. 

If you choose this way of saving data, you will have all of your data in iTunes and you will not be able to select only a portion of the data because all of them will be automatically restored. This method will also delete all of the information from your phone. 

To do this action, you should follow these steps:

1. Take a USB cable and connect your iPhone to the computer. iTunes will launch automatically when the devices are connected. There will be a small iPhone icon in the top left corner of the iTunes window. Select it. 

2. Then, you will see a button “Restore iPhone” that you should select. 

3. You will have all of the backups listed according to the timestamps. You should choose the backup that contains your contacts. Restore the backup and allow the phone to overwrite all of the other data. 

With this method, you will lose all the data except contacts that you have saved. To keep the pictures, videos, and other important details, you should save these pieces of information on your PC or Mac before doing the mentioned procedure.