Much of this generation’s lives are seamlessly contained in smartphones. The dependency on smartphones exceeds its basic need of communication to entertainment, productivity, and more necessitates that it needs an extended battery life to function uninterrupted throughout the day. For millions of users, Apple’s iPhone has personified cutting-edge technology and innovation. But the battery life of the iPhone remains a crucial concern for loyal Apple customers. How to save battery on iPhone? 

The latest iPhone 14 Pro Max’s battery life spans 19 hours of usage. But the older models will succumb to the struggle of the iPhone’s battery saver, degrading over time. 

With the various options like the iPhone’s power saving mode, we’ve compiled tips and insights on how to save battery on your iPhone, listing the ways you can optimize and conserve the battery life of your Apple device. 

How To Save Battery On An iPhone

Make the most of your iPhones with prolonged battery life, without constantly worrying about running out of power juice by implementing these tips on how to save battery on iPhone. We have listed the factors – the culprits that drain the battery lifespan and tips to adjust to iPhone’s battery-saver mode. 

Screen Brightness

The iPhone’s vivid display is captivating. But the brightness level of your iPhone’s screen plays an important role in how to save battery on the iPhone. Optimizing screen brightness or using the Auto-Brightness feature can adjust the battery consumption on your iPhone. Furthermore, the Dark Mode feature is a good iPhone battery saver.

Dim the screen to extend your iPhone’s battery life. Go to Control Centre → Toggle the Brightness Slider to the bottom

To enable Auto-Brightness (adjusts the screen brightness according to the surrounding lighting conditions automatically), go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Display Accommodations → Turn Auto-Brightness On.

Manage Background Activity

To save battery life on your iPhone, the Background App Refresh feature allows apps to update their content while in the background, meaning when another app is in use. As many apps continuously refresh their data, it leads to increased battery drain. On our tip for how to save battery life on an iPhone, turning off the Background App Refresh feature is optimal. 

Go to Settings → General → Background App Refresh. Choose from Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi & Mobile Data, and Off to turn off the feature entirely. If you select the Wi-Fi option, background activity will be limited to connectivity.

How to save battery on iphone

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Managing Battery Usage Information

Apple has tailed useful tools for how to save battery on iPhone alongside other devices. With iOS, you can identify the apps that consume excessive battery. Go to Settings → Battery. Under this option, you can monitor the proportion of battery that each app uses (unless the iPhone is charging). 

Power Saving Mode On iPhone

One of the key features that were introduced since iOS 9, the Low Power Mode, is designed to naturally be an iPhone’s battery saver. It extends the battery life of your iPhone when the charge drops below 20 percent. With a single tap, the power saving mode on the iPhone can be activated. 

The low power mode aka the power saving mode on iPhone minimizes system animations and optimizes the iPhone’s performance by reducing the display brightness. Certain features like iCloud sync, AirDrop, Background app refresh, and Continuity will not function until the power saving mode is disabled. Upon charging over 80 percent, the power saving mode on the iPhone will switch off automatically. But to manually switch it on or off, go to Settings → Battery → Low Power Mode

Location and Background Location

The location feature, when used unnecessarily, can drain the battery of your iPhone. Certain apps require GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi scanning for location-based services. For saving battery life on the iPhone, turn off Location Services for the app. 

Go to Settings → Privacy → Location Services. After inspecting the apps listed with permission for location services, disable the feature for specific apps that are inconsequential, or choose the ‘While Using The App’ option. You can disable the location access for all as well. 

Amongst these tips on how to save battery life on iPhone, using Wi-Fi over Cellular data, switching off unused apps, disabling push notifications, and turning on Airplane mode if your iOS device is searching for signal in a poor cell coverage area are also important iPhone battery savers. Enable the power saving mode on your iPhone and always remember to ensure that your iPhone is updated to the latest software for maintaining a thoroughly satisfying experience of using Apple’s renowned device.