If you wonder how to set Chrome as default browser on your computer, there are several ways to do it. The methods depend on the system you use, and each OS requires some specific instructions. We share with you these instructions on how to make Google Chrome default browser on your computer. Read further for more details. 

Set Chrome as Default Browser on Windows 11 

If you want to set Chrome as default browser on Windows 11, the process is very simple. You should go to the Start menu and click on Settings. Then, click App and select Default Apps. Choose Google Chrome. 

how to set google chrome as a default browser

The following step is very important. You should click the current setting under each file type and link type that you want to change. Therefore, be sure that you make Google Chrome default browser for any of the file types that are presented below: 

  • .html
  • .xhtml
  • .shtml
  • https
  • http 

When you select the mentioned file types, click Google Chrome and select OK. In the end, close the settings window to exit the settings. 

Set Chrome as Default Browser on Windows 10

There is a good way to change your default browser in Windows 10, and here are the necessary steps that you will need to take. In the beginning, click on the Start menu and select Settings. Then, you should open your default apps. When you click System, you will see the Default apps option. This “System” option comes in the original version of the OS. In the Creators Update, you will see the “Apps” option. After each option, you will have to click on Default apps. 

At the bottom, you will see the “Web browser” button. Click on it and you will probably see the current browser, which is usually Microsoft Edge. The window will appear and you will be able to click on “Choose an app.” Then, select Google Chrome. 

When you want to easily open Google Chrome later, you can add a shortcut to the taskbar. To make this possible, open Chrome on your computer, and right-click on Chrome in the Windows taskbar at the bottom. Then just click on Pin to taskbar. 

Set Chrome as Default Browser on Windows 8 and below 

If you use Windows 8 or below, there is a good solution to make Chrome your default browser. You should go to the Start menu and click on the Control panel. Then, select Programs, and choose Default Programs. You will notice that there is an option called Set your default programs. Click on it and choose Google Chrome. You should then Select this program as default. Click OK in the end. 

In this manner, you can select Google Chrome as the default browser on your Windows 8 or older system. 

Set Chrome as Default Browser on Mac 

You may wonder “Can Mac change default browser to Chrome?” The answer is very simple. Mac can change the default browser and the instructions are very simple. People search for the solution for “set chrome as default browser Mac” and we present one of the best methods below. 

set chrome as default browser on mac

You should open Chrome on your computer and select More in the top right corner. Then, click on Settings. You will see the section that is called “Default browser.” In the end, you should click Make default. If you do not see the last option, it means that Google Chrome is already your default browser. 

When you know how to make Google Chrome default browser, it is easier to use it and manage the different options. Making Google Chrome your default browser means that all links that you click on will be automatically opened by Google Chrome. At the same time, the browser will support all your surfing activities in the right manner.