You may be wondering what ChatGPT is and why it has been trending everywhere ever since its launch late last year? How did it become so popular and how can it be used?  

It’s an ingenious invention which is well-developed and also learning everyday. Many members of prominent corporations such as Google, Microsoft and Meta have publicly expressed their opinions on how ChatGPT is here to transform how people would consider careers. Moreover, within just its first week of release in December 2022, it had garnered 1 million users, worldwide. Considering its soaring rise, many people wonder if ChatGPT can replace the Google Search Engine.

What Is ChatGPT And How Does It Function?

ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) language processing tool developed by an AI research laboratory OpenAI based in San Francisco. The laboratory specializes in augmenting the conversational abilities of AI systems. ChatGPT was designed to be a chatbot and digital assistant which understands human language and responds back to users in the same manner. 

ChatGPT uses a fusion of human intervention and ML (Machine Learning) to function and engage in conversing with users by using the method of RLHF – Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback. It is powered to process and adapt to situations intelligently by learning desired behaviors. 

People have been trying the free software to ask humorous questions to see how it responds and creates content or corrects bugs in codes. It can also generate answers by translating information, and making calculations. In 2023, the AI sector is expected to take the business world by storm by anticipated Algorithms being developed to bring about newer business models which can be used at strategic levels. 

OpenAI has trained the AI bot with a quantum of data which enables it to offer well-thought responses on an extensive range of topics. 

While the ChatGPT model is enhancing and improving daily, it is flawed because it is quite plausible that the chatbot could provide false information. Every user should also be aware that it cannot be used as a replacement for human interaction as there are no verified sources. 

Being explicitly used to make careers lucrative, here’s how you can become tech-savvy in the ML and AI fields, with our “How To Use ChatGPT?” step-by-step guide so you can start questioning. 

How To Use ChatGPT?

1.Go to OpenAI or ChatGPT from your browser and click on Try.

How To Use ChatGPT _ Step 1

2. After secure redirecting, Select Sign Up on

Step 2

3. Enter your email address and password. 

Step 3

4. To continue, you need to Verify your email from your mail inbox. 

Step 4

5. ChatGPT is now open. Scroll down to start typing in your queries. 

Step 5

6. Due to high demand, ChatGPT displays humorous messages if it is unable to onboard users at that particular moment. Wait for sometime and refresh. 

Step 6