You can add spice to the excitement of playing GTA 5 by installing GTA 5 mods in your PC. Grand Theft Auto 5 remains one of the best open-world games ever and continues to enjoy immense popularity across the global gaming community.

The findings of several pieces of research have revealed that it’s none other than the GTA 5 modding community which has kept the game alive over the years. It has been more than a decade since we had a new version of the smash-hit franchise that belongs to the action-game genre. With GTA 6 expected to arrive within a year or two, let’s unlock the ultimate tool to look at the vice city from a whole new perspective.

GTA Mods

GTA 5 Mods can unlock a whole-new gaming experience. [Image Credit: Rockstar Games]

How Do GTA Mods Work?

Though most gamers globally find GTA mods a bit complicated and often decide to drop the very idea of using GTA 5 mods, we have seen some brilliant mods which have successfully changed the look and feel of the sensation called Grand Theft Auto 5.

Modders alter the codes in the main settings file which largely controls the in-game functions. Thus, by modifying the attributes through a process of coding they can actually change the way the engine runs. Hence, GTA mods turn out to be quite effective in offering you a new outlook of the game. You might be amazed to discover that the game which you thought you know in and out, has evolved overnight.

GTA 5 mods can go on to dictate various parameters of the game, like how high you could jump or how fast you could run – making things change drastically and providing a different experience altogether in the process.

In a nutshell, the abled successor to the blockbuster GTA San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto 5 can transform into a new action-packed, open-world journey, thanks to some simple GTA 5 mods. In this regard, one must keep in mind that GTA 5 mods are not to be confused with GTA 5 cheat codes. These two differ a lot in terms of characteristic features and functionalities.

How Do I Install Mods?

First of all, there is a wide variety of GTA 5 mods available online and most of them can become handy in their own way. At times, gamers become desperate to seek one single answer to the frequently-asked question, ‘What is the best mod in GTA 5?’ or ‘What is the best 5 mods GTA?’ But there’s no such one ever-reliable GTA 5 mod. It’s better if you select mods assessing your specific interests and needs.

Most importantly, the application and usage of all of these mods should be limited to the single-player mode as you are not allowed to use them in GTA online.

Here follows a simple step-by-step guide for installing .ASI mods for GTA 5:

  • Find the folder which contains GTA 5’s main application and keep it open in the background.
  • Download OpenIV from the official website and during the installation process select the file location which is already open in the background.
  • Go to the ASI manager through the tools lab and install all of these three options – ASI loader, OpenIV.ASI and openCamera.
  • Now, go to any of the popular GTA mods websites to download a trainer mod. You can choose Menyoo or Script Hook V.