Voice technology has become extremely popular in the last five years. Based on speech recognition, the tech allows people to get tasks done handsfree. You need to send an email, book tickets or visit to the spa, need reminders, the weather conditions or any of the myriad daily tasks that need to be taken care of, all this gets done in a jiffy at your command.

There are many virtual assistant apps like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortona, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant that use speech recognition to assist in tasks. The virtual assistants use intuitive machine learning, improve upon it, and come up with better and realistic responses to act upon the speech commands.

Alexa App for PC

A recent study by Futuresource on the market share of devices run by the apps shows that Apple’s Siri holds 35% of the global market share, Microsoft’s Cortana has 22%, while Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa hold 9% and 4%, respectively.

Alexa was launched in the market in 2014 and is one of the oldest voice tech assistant in the market.

Useful Alexa App for PC

A useful feature of Alexa is that it has an open software allowing developers, product and device builders to build-in support for the voice-enabledd tech.

Amazon has been ahead of its competitors in integrating voice technology with other products.

The voice assistant is integrated into a vast array of products, including mobiles, home devices, security systems, and Personal Computers.

Alexa app for PC

How To Use Alexa On PC

Alexa was launched for PCs in 2018. Alexa initially was available for Windows 10 PCs in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan, and has been extended to some more locations in 2019.

The app can be downloaded from the Microsoft store and installed in any compatible Windows 10 PC. Other PCs need to hit a button within the app to activate the voice function.

The Alexa app on PCs can be used to control music, security devices, and gadgets. One can set reminders, keep track of calendar and appointments, create a favorite music list, get the news, and hear audible books from a compatible Kindle reading list.

How Useful is The Alexa App for PC

You can talk to Alexa on your pc from anywhere. It turns on smart devices from afar. Switch on your lamp, heater, dim lights, and much more.

The voice-enabled tech gives a hands-free experience with Alexa built-in voice in Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo PCs.

To get started, you just need to download the app, or start the pre-installed app on your PC,

Sign in your Amazon account and begin.

One does not need an Echo or an external mic to use Alexa on the PC. It works perfectly with the in-build mic and speakers.

Alexa PC App

Alexa App for PC

Presently, Alexa does not enable PC-specific controls. Amazon promised to extend this support in 2019, along with some more updates. Echo device setup, video, and communications are not supported yet too.

Alexa App for PCs

The ease of use and the developing technology that brings these assistants into our lives has made their presence ubiquitous. If you have gone on a trip away from home, the small niggling worries of forgetting to turnoff a gadget or security issues can be handled through these virtual assistants.

The Virtual assistant market has risen by 25 percent in 2019, and the market is set to grow more. Nearly 1.1 billion devices with voice-enabled tech assistants were shipped in this year. Such gadgets are forecast to grow to almost 2 billion in the next three years.