HP released its Fortis range of Chromebooks and Windows laptops, aimed at educators and students. They are rugged and durable enough to withstand the ups and downs that come with learning.

The tech company announced the launch by referring to the rise in hybrid learning. As students divide their time between home and school, the new Fortis notebooks are designed to handle the bumps that come along the way. As children and parents adapt to the hybrid way of learning, these laptops are strong enough to manage the clumsiness of children while providing the superior experience expected by parents.

The hinges and corners of all Fortis laptops are reinforced. Its PCs have textured surfaces, reinforced ports and keys, and spill-resistant keyboards.  They can also be easily cleaned at home using regular disinfectants and cleaning wipes.

HP Fortis Laptop

The new Fortis range from HP marries convenience with durability.

HP Fortis Chromebook and Laptop Features

The laptops come installed with Windows 11 Pro to give you hassle-free security and connectivity, enabling you to efficiently power through your workload.

A tightly bonded, co-molded rubber trim makes it durable, shock-absorbent and can survive falls up to 122 cm. It has successfully survived the MIL-STD-810, a test to determine the limits of equipment and gauge how well it can withstand environmental conditions, and drop testing. Connectivity is a breeze as the advanced 2×2 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6E) antenna array and optional 4G LTE module make you feel like a wizard.

The reinforced ports and keys are built to withstand rough use and handling. This translates to reduced service costs as your laptop is far sturdier than the average one available in the market. The keyboards on HP Chromebooks and laptops have pick-resistant full-skirted anchored keys to protect them from fidgety children, and extra protection to resist spills up to 350 ml. HP has also added a hard texture and a new metal cover to safeguard the battery in case of a fall.

The Fortis range of Chromebooks and Laptops come with HP Fast Charge, meaning they get charged at about 1% every minute. They also have an 88-degree wide-viewing angle HD camera and dual mics to cater to your communication needs.

Further, the myHP application is your one-stop-shop for audio and video settings, the programmable key, and more.

The HP ProBook Fortis 14 G9 and the HP ProBook Fortis 14 G10 have a 14-inch diagonal display to enhance your productivity at work and your personal viewing experience. The HP Pro x360 Fortis 11G9 and 11 G10 have an 11-inch diagonal touchscreen display with 360-degree adjustability into five modes.

HP Pro x360 Fortis 11G9 has Intel, Celeron and Pentium processors, while the HP Pro x360 Fortis 11 G10 has Intel Core i3 and i5 processors. Both laptops come highly recommended for business use.

HP Laptop features

HP Fortis Chromebook and Laptop Price

The Windows range will be available from April 2022, starting at a price of $349, and the Chromebooks will be available in June. Additionally, the HP ProBook Fortis 14 G9 and HP ProBook Fortis 11 G9 will be available in April.

The pricing for the HP Fortis 11 G9, HP ProBook Fortis 14 G10, and  HP Prox360 Fortis 11 G10 is yet to be revealed. The HP ProBook Fortis 14 G9 and HP ProBook Fortis 11 G9 will be available from April.

The HP 320 FHD Webcam will be available from February at a price of $39.99, while the HP 325 FHD Webcam will be released in March at a price tag of $39.

The new Fortis range of Chromebooks and laptops from HP range appears to be a good choice for families with young children, because of their user-friendly interface, durability and unobtrusive updates.