IBM Watson Analytics surely has a bigger set of dreams for the next generation. Whether it is a startup or a large enterprise, collaborations tend to develop at a certain point in the growth cycle of an organization. The later, given its magnitude, has numerous methods to perforate certain markets and its allotments. The former, meanwhile, hopes to carve a niche for itself amongst the behemoth players in space or into one that is yet to be in a ripe state. For professional sports tech startups and IBM, there is more behind the skin-deep in so far as nurturing a mutually beneficial synergy. Recently, tech behemoth IBM announced a threesome set of partnerships with professional sports tech startups, which will eventually tap into cerebral computing with an aim to advance the germane sports- concentrated scantlings involved.

Digital Age of Professional Sports

IBM Watson Analytics Power Digital Age of Professional Sports

IBM is constantly trying new aspects to generate business. Its latest idea involves supporting professional sports startups in order to modernize operations in the stadium and refurbish the ways they use to interact with fans. The latest initiative by IBM Watson Analytics is two-fold. A group of organizations joining the force together to carry out infrastructure updates at arenas and stadiums known as Sports and Entertainment Global Consortium is the first part. Whereas, the second part is the Entertainment, consulting practice of Fan Experience, and Sports designed to support sports team evolve and learn the way how fans interact with them.

The Two Fold Business

To run the show, IBM Watson Analytics has decided to bring in Jim Rushton, who used to be the Chief Revenue Officer of a football team known as Miami Dolphins. As Jim provides an insight, the first chunk is a consortium that will bring 18-20 business partners to help sports teams refurbish the existing stadium’s infrastructure or build a new one. It will also help it with planning a way, which will maximize the technology used in the stadium operations. These operations would include the big screens and the scoreboard around the stadium, the Wi-Fi connectivity available for fans while in the stadium, ticket booths, areas of concession, and so forth. The next component will help teams to bring in together the various fan touch points outside and inside an arena, house, meanwhile, maximizing the association with fans.

The tech behemoth is planning to make use of its strength as an integrator of the system. It is also looking forward to introducing numerous parties on a similar ground to help overcome these aspects of professional sports teams, which essentially tears down to administrating the operation’s IT portion, the sales portion, and the marketing.

Massive Business Niche- Sports

IBM Watson Analytics in association with three powerful sports tech startups like Triax, Spare5, and 113 Industries are creating brilliant applications. These applications learn from surrounding experience, enhance itself from the outcome and every interaction, and respond to tough questions with insights based on data available with it. The partners of IBM Watson should have a profit from a particular level of combative advantage and provide solutions, which will meet the ends of their marketplace respectively.

Thus, IBM Watson is open to everyone, allowing a burgeoning ecosystem of students, techies, developers, and entrepreneurs to simply indulge into one of the most diverse and the most advanced platform of cognitive computing out there.

These days, sports are a massive business, and with this initiative, the tech behemoth is looking forward to grabbing a chunk of it to profit its company and lay a strong foothold in the big market of sports.