If you’re tired of making your own playlists with the fifteen-odd songs you always reuse, then the Maestro AI playlist generator can be your answer to discovering music to get the tone right. Music generators like Jukebox and Soundraw have been around for a while but we’re not talking about creating fresh music this time. Instead, the Amazon Music AI playlist feature is set to throw together a list of songs that can fit the mood you’re in when the usual “Top 50 Songs from 2010” playlist isn’t doing the job right anymore. After Spotify announced its own in-app AI tool for the same purpose, the Amazon Music AI playlist feature was quick to make a debut to try and catch some of those who ricochet away from the former’s pay-walled experience.

Amazon Music AI playlist feature

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Maestro AI Playlist Generator—Use Emojis If You Can’t Find the Words

Sometimes you just want a playlist for a quick drive to Walmart and other times you have to hunt for an über-specific one that can describe the feeling of “running through the streets during a zombie apocalypse.” If you look up these ideas through the general search feature, you might be surprised at the playlists that others have already made, but you won’t always be as lucky. Instead of relying on how others interpret the prompt, you can now rely on AI—that’s where the Maestro AI playlist generator comes in. 

The service can recognize text prompts and generate a list of songs in seconds to suit the vibe you’re looking for. If you can’t think of how to describe them but you have the perfect set of emojis, you can use those instead. You can get as abstract as you want with the concept because you never know what kind of music you can find this way.

The company has stated that there are certain checks in place to regulate the keywords that you can use with the Amazon Music AI playlist feature. This includes systems that block the use of offensive language and restrict inappropriate prompts to ensure users maintain some. As will all things, it won’t be 

Is the Amazon Music Maestro AI Playlist Free?

First off the beta feature is only being tested out with a small number of customers in the U.S. for now so users across the globe will have to wait their turn. The Maestro AI playlist generator is available to customers on all Amazon Music tiers. This means that whether you pay for the service or not, you should still be able to try out Amazon Music’s AI playlist feature. It is also available on iOS and Android so the OS does not have to limit the experience.

There are some differences between the paid Amazon Music Unlimited version and the Prime and free “ad-supported” version. Those who have the Unlimited subscription can listen to their playlists instantly, while those without it can only listen to 30-second previews before they save it. 

Amazon Music Maestro AI playlist

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How to Use the Amazon Music AI Playlist Feature?

If you live in the U.S. and want to try the Maestro AI playlist generator, all you need to do is download the latest version of the app. Beta members will find Maestro on their home screen or they can tap on the plus sign to create a new playlist. Then type out the playlist idea and hit “Let’s go.” Unlike Spotify, the AI-generated playlists on Amazon Music don’t showcase any further prompt customizations of the same playlist but you could just start over with a new prompt that’s more specific instead.

Amazon has also cautioned users that the AI might not get the playlist right the first time so you might have to give it a little more time to improve from the Beta mode that is out right now. 

For those who don’t want to use the AI-generated playlists on Amazon Music or pay Spotify, there is always the option of using an online playlist generator like Upbeat that can connect to your free Spotify account. These alternate services have quite a limited range of options for the kind of playlists you can generate and they also often require a separate paid subscription immediately or after the first few playlists you generate. 

Websites like There’s An AI For That, are a great way to find AI bots that suit your needs. Again, the AI tools that it gathers for you will likely require you to sign up or pay to access the specific tool. Either way, you’ll be caught paying for the limited service, so the Amazon Music Maestro AI playlist seems like the best version to try out.