The ubiquity and functionality of the Internet, artificial intelligence, and computer programming have outstripped initial forecasts about the rate of usefulness and advancement in technology concerning everyday life. Technology pundits are now foreseeing this world as a place saturated with almighty computer chips that will insinuate themselves in basic necessities of the current time, i.e., gadgets, apparels, dwellings, or even, human bodies.

Machines don’t have the ability to think in the manner we humans do, rather they think in the most unimaginable ways possible. Few tasks are easy for us, while difficult for machines and vice versa. We, as a human, cannot empathize or relate to what goes around in the mind of an AI robot.

The iMom An Insight into Dark Future

AI robots are certainly the most powerful machine made by humans. They can solve the most complex problem, and they can also win against the best professional player in the most difficult board game known to exist in the history of the universe. But, they do not have a conscience, sense of right or wrong, or emotions. Instead, they only have targets to achieve. Emotionally, the AI robots, humanoid robots, etc, are at the level of wasps, ants, and cockroaches, they cannot even outstrip frogs or mice. An AI robot, which has been programmed in order to avoid destruction, can easily become the cause of destruction.

They are highly incapable of comprehending any sort of moral distinctions. They don’t know the difference between the good and bad. These humanoid robots, despite how intelligent they are, in reality, are completely cold and alien in a logical way, which is way beyond the comprehension power of humans.

Where is artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms, humanoid robots, et al going to lead us? Humans are caught up in the midst of giving birth to a technology similar to that of the atomic bomb, which may transform the earth into something that is highly dangerous before the inventor even realizes.

Two of the most powerful people in the world of technology have something to say concerning the dark future of artificial intelligence.

Stephan Hawking: “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”.

Elon Musk: “We should be very careful about artificial intelligence if I had to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that.”

Films like iRobot, Ex Machina, and Transformers probably might cause a shiver run down your spine when you think about consistent advancements in the field of artificial intelligence, but ‘The iMom’, which is an award-winning 13-minute short film that is directed by award-winning filmmaker Ariel Martin, will certainly push your fears to a whole new height.

The technology of artificial intelligence keeps accelerating to a point where everything will rely on automation. This will reach to a point where people will start keeping robot nannies to raise their children while they are away from home. In this movie, the iMom is an advanced humanoid robot, which can take parent’s place in their absence, freeing them to continue their work without worrying about kids at home. It’s a good thing, right? When your kid is at home under the care of capable and intelligent hands, what could go wrong?

Artificial Intelligence Goes Wrong

Well, you’ll know what could possibly go wrong if you watch this film and it will surely scare every living cell in your body. It won’t take you long enough to get an idea of what can go beyond the concept of horribly wrong at a certain point when you’re relying on artificial intelligence. Kudos to the filmmaker, he has phenomenally portrayed the dark and harsh reality of artificial intelligence in future.

The notion of artificial intelligence, as foe or friend, dates long back, since humans started exploring this powerful chunk of technology. The concept of intelligence existing in an artificial form into a body that’s certainly not a human’s carries a deep hold on our psyche. The idea of automated things replacing humans surely sounds wonderful, in fact, it appears as a saviour to save us from unnecessary hassles, but is it really worth it? Concepts like working with a sense of dedication, whole heart, and belonging have no existence at all in the world of AI.

For instance, imagine AI humanoids working in the hospital. Can you get yourself to picture these robots showing affection, care, or concern, in the same manner, a human would? You already witnessed in the aforementioned ‘The iMom’ video, of what could possibly happen if we start relying heavily on machines when it arrives at sensitive issues like this. How much ever brilliant and intelligent these machines might become, but they’ll always lack one thing, the human touch. Similar to what the ‘iMom’ explained to the kid in the movie, the AI robots are not who we consider them to be, they may be the wolf enveloped behind the innocent sheep’s skin.

Artificial Intelligence should be carefully measured before we start employing it for the convenience of humans. Or, may be in a greed to play the character of god, the creator of the universe, humans may destroy themselves.

The fear of artificial intelligence is not going to fade any sooner, or ever for the matter of fact, and this movie just strengthened our concerns and fears.