“Doctors could soon prescribe sex robots to patients with sexual dysfunction,” said Dr. Marianne Brandon at the Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society’s Mental Health Symposium.

Sex robots could help patients with sexual dysfunction meet their needs, she mentions in her presentation and is soon to add that they could also gravely hamper social relationships. People who do use sex robots could endanger their intimate relationship with their partner and it could also affect the entire society in the long run.

doctors could prescribe sex robots

According to Dr. Brandon, these sex robots could make real relationship and women “less attractive.”

In her presentation at the conference, Dr. Brandon noted that hyper-realistic-humanlike-robots could arrive within the next decade or two. These robots could give the sensation of engaging in sexual activity with a real human and it could also have personalities similar to real people. The movie hot-bot may have given stomach knots to some or may have fueled others’ imagination. For the better or worse, it is very likely that we’ll get to see robots as sexual partners soon enough.

Dr. Brandon doesn’t miss out on the devastating effects such sex robots could have. Such sex robots could disproportionately target men. It could be degrading to women and it could lead to men being addicted. Such an addiction’s effect on intimate love relationships can be catastrophic.

The population could also take a hit. According to Dr. Brandon, these sex robots could make real relationship and women “less attractive.” Since they will be convenient, genteel and the “perfect” sexual partner, real relationships would look bleak in front of them. One could also expect a decrease in the number of marriages and even birth rates, added Dr. Brandon. To quote her, “Sexbots would always be available and could never say no, so addictions would be easy to feed. People will rearrange their lives to accommodate their addictions.”