Industries Embracing Cloud Technologies

At present, almost every industrial sector is involved somehow with cloud business. The trend of industries embracing the cloud technologies is growing day by day. From heavy data of bigger firms to small factsheet of smaller firms, everything relies on the cloud platform. The industrial culture has evolved dramatically in last few years. Companies of various sizes, potential, and regions have started adopting certain technologies on a bigger scale. Say, IBM has collaborated with UMB on the cognitive computing platform for cybersecurity lab.

Cloud computing adoption rate is increasing day by day because it offers various levels of security and several significant features to the company.

It isn’t hard to decipher why there’s a massive growth in industries embracing cloud technologies. Security and safe data are the two biggest reasons behind it. For both private and public, the cloud computing is used much more in the industries, which aren’t much regulated.

Let’s have a look how industries embracing cloud technologies are utilizing it.

Retail Industry

In this industry, implementations based on the cloud have mostly been PaaS or IaaS solutions. Vendor maturity, security, and availability are aspects, which are considered by retailers while deciding the tasks they want deployed via cloud servers.


Audiences, nowadays, can access any form of content in numerous ways. This is why application developers and service providers are exploring a vision based on the cloud to enable entertainment that is multiscreen.


The manufacturing industry uses cloud computing for life cycle management, HR, logistics, product development, and sales support function. It’s also used for a few operations related to manufacturing.

The adoption rate of cloud computing varies in each industry due to many features and various levels of security required by them.

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