Nintendo Switch System, Mario’s gaming successor to Wii U has dated its official launch on 3rd March. Lucky for us, one user ‘NeoGAF’ took to YouTube to share the glimpses of the system before its official launch.

Leaked Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch System seems to possess a big, square, heavy chassis. The YouTube video gave a glimpse of certain other aspects that are worth noting. Nintendo had mentioned that the system memory of the gaming product will be 32GB. But the leak shows the system memory for factory default to be 25.9GB. It also suggests that it uses over 6GB extract of the overall storage for storing the OS/system software. Moreover, the switch will also support 2TB of the micro SXDC cards.

Nintendo Switch System leak

The quick menu pops up when you tap on the home button while the system is in sleep mode. To get the system out of the sleep mode, if you press a button thrice, then it would provide the system some prior protection from switching on accidently when it is under covers.

The system will have a touch screen slider to control the screen brightness. This seems to be updated as the brightness feature was different in its predecessor systems.

Nintendo Switch System leak

Eight separate users can enjoy the system concurrently and all can also in parallel have their name and pre-set icon in the system software. You can also customize the themes according to your mood and likes. However, in the base system, there are only ‘Basic Black’ and ‘Black White’ default themes. In addition, there is a wide range of downloadable themes available, a few which were popular in 3DS.

The new section will be full of the hardware and software usage tips. (Perhaps, switch usage hints will get a separate feed.)

The Nintendo account exhibits your eShop purchase history and the current balance. But if you re-link your Nintendo account after initializing the system, you would then be able to re-download any software or DLC purchased using the account.

There is quite an improvement in the loading time between the screens, with more rapid transitions.

Well, the leak has given us some interesting insights on the upcoming Nintendo Switch system. Now, let us wait for the official launch to know more about the gaming product.