Chrome extensions

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers that is used by millions of people around the globe. Chrome is pretty amazing browser on its own, but Chrome extensions increase its potential exponentially.

If you are new to Google Chrome, consider this list as your starter pack. And if you already use Chrome, you might come across some of the extensions that you already use, but surely there would be some that you aren’t aware of. Here is the list:


LastPass is a password manager that will make remembering passwords a thing of the past. It can be used for multiple websites and protects your accounts by assigning super complex passwords, ensuring higher security. Usually, people have a tendency to use the same password for all the websites that they use, but with LastPass, the user just needs to remember one password and LastPass will generate a unique password for each of your websites.


Are you missing some of the best deals when shopping online? Well, Honey is at your rescue. Honey pulls up discount coupons, with the press of a button. So no more going through coupon websites, no more reading promotional emails. After installing this extension, simply press the Honey button during checkout and a list of discount codes will be displayed.


Similar to emojis, GIFs have also become trending and are widely used in all the social networking sites. But unlike emojis, finding a perfect GIF to impress all your friends and followers can be really hard. Giphy is a simple GIF search tool that will allow you to search for the exact GIF within your browser.

Save to Pocket

This is one of the “save for later” services, similar to the latest Save To Google Extension. Pocket is one of the most popular Chrome extensions that allows you to save webpages to refer in future. You can also tag the things that you save. Also, it is a cross-platform service.

These Chrome extensions will boost your productivity by providing you with added functionality to your web browser.