Intel’s Tiger Lake represents the 11th Generation of U- and Y-Series mobile chips by the company. It would succeed in the current Ice Lake processors and is designed exclusively for ultra-portable computers. These processors are most likely to feature 13- and 14-inch laptops like the Dell XPS, Surface Laptop, and Acer Swift.

These 11th Generation H-Series processors will take some time to launch as the 10th Gen versions were launched earlier this year. Though there is yet to announce an official launch, Intel has given all a sneak peek at some of these processors’ most notable features:

  • The processors will be based on the new 10nm Willow Cove architecture.
  • The Xe graphics in the processors will give an enhanced performance for casual gaming and content creation activities.
  • The processors will support Thunderbolt 4.
  • There are ‘Massive’ AI performance improvements in the processors.

Intel Tiger Lake Release Date

The Intel Tiger Lake processors are expected to officially launch at Intel’s upcoming showcase event scheduled on September 2.

Intel Tiger Lake Release Date

The Intel Tiger Lake processors are expected to officially launch at Intel’s upcoming showcase event scheduled on September 2.

Several laptop manufacturers have confirmed that their upcoming devices will feature ‘next-gen Intel processors,’ almost referring to the Tiger Lake processors. From September onwards, everyone can expect to see multiple laptops featuring Intel’s 11th Gen processors in stores. The likely companies that would use these processors include HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, and even Microsoft to announce their slew of Surface devices in October.

Intel Tiger Lake price

Since Intel 11th Gen mobile chips will only be available in pre-built laptops, there is no specific price.

Early signs suggest such laptops will cost around £1000, at least, which is more or less the same cost of the current Ice Lake generation laptops. It’s unclear whether AMD Ryzen 4000 laptops are cheaper at this stage.

Intel Tiger Lake specifications

In the new series, one can expect to see quad-core and dual-core processors. However, the chips of the processors will be 10nm, as Intel describes them as 10nm+ as they are the 3rd generation of Intel’s processors available in that size. As with most processor series, one can expect an enhanced performance boost of the 11th gen processors lineup.  There have been the little reveal of the specifications of the Inter Tiger Lake nuc.

The top leading tech company, Intel would debut with the new Xe graphics architecture, which will give an additional performance boost compared to the Ice Lake’s integrated graphics. This means users will be able to play video games and edit videos without any graphics card. However, they can’t make 3D models or playing modern AAA games at such high frame rates.

Intel Tiger Lake features

Intel confirmed that the Tiger Lake processors would have the new Thunderbolt 4 connection. While Thunderbolt 4 connection will give the same 40Gb/s data transfer speed like Thunderbolt 3, it will be powered by a slew of new features like support two 4K displays simultaneously, a guaranteed 32Gbps PCIe bandwidth speed, and improvements to its security. The 11th Gen processors will also have an even greater powerful Intel’s AI tech. The new chips will have DL Boost, which is Intel’s superior feature for managing complex AI workloads at low power.