If you are one of the billions of people who own an iPhone, you must be well-acquainted with the anticipation of waiting for the next software update. Apple with its huge fan base across the world is often under scrutiny for any news about the same. And the latest news about the iOS 11 has surely sparked excitement among its fans. The latest models of iPhone come with the Touch ID feature which is a gateway to unlock your phone with the help of your fingerprint. The latest software update might come with an option to disable this feature altogether. Reports state that this change may take place to provide safety features on the phone.

You may have often witnessed that a number of travel apps come with an SOS button which enables instant calls to the police in case of an emergency. Even a few smartphones come with that feature. Now it’s time that Apple is venturing in the same. The latest iOS 11 upgrade will bring a new setting to automate calls in case of an emergency. During any such emergency, it will also provide the option of disabling the Touch ID feature to make things easier for the individual. This feature has been discovered in the public beta version of this software update.

iOS 11

The latest iOS 11 upgrade will bring a new setting to automate calls in case of an emergency.

What does the iOS 11 upgrade have in store?

One of the major reasons which led to an alternative way to unlock an iPhone is legal requirements. There have been a number of cases wherein police authorities have been denied access to such smartphones which has caused trouble. This is why Apple decided to come up with a way to enable an easier way to unlock the phone in case of any such emergency. The option to disable Touch ID will prove to be useful in legal situations. This will help unlock the phone without the need of the fingerprint identity.

Apart from disabling the Touch ID feature, the iOS 11 upgrade also provides a safety button. This button instantly dials 911 for you in the case of an emergency. In order to activate both these features, the procedure is the same. All one has to do is press the power button of the phone five times at a stretch. Once you do so, the Touch ID of the phone will be disabled. It can be activated only when the user puts in the passcode. Along with this, it will also bring up the SOS button on the iPhone.